Municipal ponds and lakes can be great community assets or endless headaches.  Kasco offers a range of products that can help ensure that your ponds and lakes are nothing but assets. Whether you want to address common pond and lake problems or you are looking to add a decorative display, you’ll find cost effective, energy efficient solutions with Kasco.

Our aeration and water circulation products will boost dissolved oxygen levels, allowing your pond to smell better and be a healthier environment for fish and other aquatic species. Kasco products will also help to eliminate stagnant water areas where mosquitoes breed, debris and trash collect, and where floating plant species, such as algae, thrive.

Kasco offers a variety of solutions safe to use in public areas that are all engineered and built to run reliably for years with minimal maintenance costs. Put your mind at ease using safe and efficient Kasco products to successfully manage your ponds and lakes.

Product Options to Consider (Click on Product):

J Series Decorative Fountains

Stunning floating fountains ranging from 1/4hp to 7.5hp with multiple display patterns

VFX Series Aerating Fountains

Floating fountains with the classic “V” pattern display and superior aerating properties

xStream Series Decorative Fountains

The ultimate small and flexible floating fountain with more than 30 customizable patterns to choose from

Robust-Aire Diffused Aeration Systems

Bottom diffused aeration systems ideally suited for deeper waters

AF Series Surface Aerators

Surface aeration systems ideally suited for less deep applications


Reliable and effective mixing and circulating units for a wide variety of applications

Macro-Zyme Beneficial Bacteria

The simple and natural way to improve pond and lake health

AquaRenew Pond & Lake Dye

An easy and effective way to enhance water aesthetics