Beautify and improve the water on your golf course with Kasco Fountains and Aerators. Proper aeration will limit foul pond odors by increasing dissolved oxygen and speeding up decomposition of organic matter and chemicals such as grass clipping and fertilizer runoff.

Surface movement from fountains, aerators and circulators can eliminate stagnant water areas that can be breeding grounds for mosquitoes and home for unwanted surface plant growth, such as algae, watermeal, and duck weed. Eliminating these stagnant areas will not only improve the ponds look but also help keep irrigation pumps from getting clogged with plant growth. With multiple options of power-type, cord length, and display pattern, Kasco products offer you the flexibility you need.

Improve and enhance your course ponds with reliable, cost effective, and energy efficient solutions from Kasco.

Product Options to Consider (Click on Product):

J Series Decorative Fountains

Stunning floating fountains ranging from 1/2HP to 7.5HP with multiple display patterns

8400VFX & 2.3VFX

VFX Series Aerating Fountains

Floating fountains with the classic “V” pattern display and superior aerating properties

xStream Series Decorative Fountains

The ultimate small and flexible floating fountain with up to 30 customizable patterns

Robust-Aire Diffused Aeration Systems

Bottom diffused aeration systems ideally suited for deeper waters

AF Series Surface Aerators

The most efficient surface aerator on the market fit for countless applications


Reliable, effective mixing and circulating units for a wide variety of applications

Macro-Zyme Beneficial Bacteria

The simple and natural way to improve pond and lake health

AquaRenew Pond & Lake Dye

An easy and effective way to enhance water aesthetics