Water is a key component in mining & fracking operations; properly managing that water to keep it optimized through every step of the process is critical.  Kasco has a wide range of products to address any water management issue.

Aerators, located on the surface or bottom of collection ponds, can boost critical dissolved oxygen levels which will help the breakdown of organic materials and help eliminate stagnation and the accompanying foul odors.  De-icers can keep your ponds open in virtually any weather by moving the warm air up from the bottom to prevent ice damage. Fountains can greatly enhance evaporation rates which can decrease any discharge amounts and keep costs down.   And our line of portable equipment will give you the tools to quickly address any water issue as it crops up.

All Kasco equipment is designed and built with stainless steel and thermoplastic components to run reliably in even the harshest environments.   Count on Kasco for cost-effective and efficient solutions for your mining and fracking operations.

Product options to consider (click on product):

Robust-Aire Diffused Aeration Systems

Bottom diffused aeration systems ideally suited for deeper waters

AF Series Surface Aerators

Setting The Standard – with more installations than any other manufacturer.


Reliable and effective mixing and circulating units for a wide variety of applications

D Series De-Icers

Keep water open and property protected with the industry standard in De-icers