Have an entrance pond or retention/collection pond that needs help? Kasco Aerating and Decorative Fountains offer distinct eye-catching displays that not only beautify your pond or lake, but also make it a healthy, properly functioning ecosystem. If a fountain feature is not needed, Kasco, De-icers, Surface Aerators or bottom diffused aerators may be the right solution. And to maximum your water’s health, consider using our Macro-Zyme Beneficial Bacteria in conjunction with any Kasco products. Kasco equipment will make your pond or lake beautiful and healthy allowing for speedy decomposition of organic matter, improving water quality, and reducing foul odors.

Designed for heavy-duty applications, Kasco products offer dependable, cost effective, and energy-efficient solutions for your pond or lake’s health and aesthetics.

Product Options to Consider (Click on Product):

J Series Decorative Fountains

Stunning floating fountains ranging from 1/4 to 7.5HP with multiple display patterns

VFX Series Aerating Fountains

Floating fountains with the classic “V” pattern display and superior aerating properties

xStream Series Decorative Fountains

With more than 30 patterns to choose from, completely customize your display with our xStream Decorative Fountains.

Kasco Marine De-Icers Dock Mount

D Series De-Icers

Keep your water open and property safe with the industry-standard in de-icing solutions.

Robust-Aire Diffused Aeration Systems

Bottom diffused aeration systems ideally suited for deeper waters

Kasco Marine Surface Aerator 5.1

AF Series Surface Aerators

The most efficient surface aerators on the market fit for countless applications


Reliable, effective mixing and circulating units for a wide variety of applications

Macro-Zyme Beneficial Bacteria

The simple and natural way to improve pond and lake health

AquaRenew Pond & Lake Dye

An easy and effective way to enhance water aesthetics