J Series Decorative Fountain Install

One of our distributors recently installed our J Series Decorative Fountain with the Birch Pattern in Westlake Corporate Park in Little Rock, AR and we’re excited to share the great images! Our J Series fountains make a great aesthetic impact on the surrounding environment and even provide a good amount of aeration for your water as well! These fountains make a great addition to any size decorative pond or lake, and you can easily change your display pattern by choosing one of the several included nozzles. This install features the birch pattern which can surpass heights of 14.5 ft. and widths of 10 ft, making this an immediate attention grabbing display.

Contact Kasco at 715-262-4488 or websales@kascomarine.com if you’d like to learn how you can get a J Series fountain for your pond or lake today!

J-Series Fountain Install

Install J-Series Fountains