Inhibit Mosquito Growth with Kasco Aeration

Circulate stagnant water with Kasco Aeration to inhibit mosquitoes

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Kasco aeration can help clear up stagnant water like the above.

Mosquitoes are not only annoying with their buzzing and stinging, but can carry potentially dangerous diseases like WestNile and Zika viruses. Limiting the areas for mosquito reproduction can help keep you and your family more comfortable and safe this  summer.

Mosquitoes require still, stagnant water for one portion of their lifecycle. During this time, the mosquito larvae syphon at the water surface. Their bodies are underwater, but they require air to
survive. During this stage, any surface agitation that interrupts the surface water tension can cause the larvae to sink and drown.

While not considered insecticide devices, Kasco products can help control mosquito breeding areas in ponds and lakes by circulating and agitating the surface water. Simply by moving the water, you can remove those areas as mosquito breeding grounds on your property.

Kasco Surface Aerators, Water Circulators, and Aerating Fountains are good choices to create water movement and surface agitation. These devices also improve water quality, help control odors, and in the case
of fountains, provide beautiful displays. While they provide all these benefits, they can also help eliminate the still,
stagnant water mosquitoes require.


Mosquito larvae in stagnant water.

Mosquitoes can reproduce in virtually any standing water like puddles, old tires, etc. Therefore, simply controlling the breeding grounds in your pond may not be enough to control all mosquitoes around your home. However, it is a good start and may help reduce the overall numbers of mosquitoes pestering you this summer and keep you safe from the Zika virus.

Contact Kasco today to learn more about mosquito control and how our products can help keep your customers safe.

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