Tips for Storing Your Kasco De-Icer

Properly Clean & Store Your De-Icer Now, and You’ll be Happy this Winter

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Kasco Marine De-Icer RemovalMaintaining your de-icer in the off season is the best way to prolong its use for many years. Proper maintenance requires more than just removal from water and placing it into dry storage.  Follow the steps to help to keep your de-icer in the best shape for many years of open water in the winter.

Make sure to print these steps as well so you can take them with you and keep a record for future use.

  1. Remove unit from the water:
    • Take note of date(s) when unit was removed:
  2. Clean exterior of unit with a soft brush and non-acid cleaner (if needed). This is easier to perform when unit is removed from water but still wet.
    • Take notes on the condition after removal:
  3. Check and replace zinc anode (if needed)
    • Take note of replacement date(s):
  4. Check propeller for any cracks or chips
    • Take note on propeller conditions
  5. Examine power cord for any damage
    • Take note on cord condition
  6. Every 3 years of use, have it sent in for seals and oil replacement
    • Date(s) sent in for replacement
  7. Store indoors upside down (prop pointing down)

After following these steps, your de-icer will be properly cleaned and stored for the warmer months. When the winter months quickly come back around, your unit will be ready for use.

If you have questions about cleaning, storing or sending in your de-icer for repair, contact our experienced tech team at 715-262-4488 or




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  • Vivian Kinyon

    I need to replace the cord on my Kasco De-icer. it broke next to the cage loop. please send me instructions on how to do this. I purchased a 50′ Kasco cord and I don’t want to ruin the machine. I used it last winter and it was the first time.

    • Megan Wolf

      Hi Vivian, I apologize for the slow response. I will forward your request to our technical support department and someone will email you shortly. Thank you!

  • Randy Williams

    i need to replace the cord plug end “only” on my Kasco De-icer. Is there anything special I need to do? I am an Electrician and am capable of this type of repair.

    • Megan Wolf

      Hi Randy! Thanks for contacting us. For this type of repair, I think it would be best to contact us directly to make sure we’re understanding exactly what you need to do, and are providing you with the best advice. Please contact us at or 715-262-4488. Our experienced technical support staff will be able to answer your questions. Thanks Randy!

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