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Kasco LED Lights for Fountain Nighttime UseOften, people considering a fountain or aeration system overlook an obvious portion of their day: evening and nighttime use. Running a fountain or surface aerator into the nighttime hours can add extra benefits not only to aeration of the pond, but can also entertain guests while hosting a party. The two low-oxygen points of the day in a pond are typically the early morning hours and the early evening hours. Running your fountain or aerator a few hours into the night can add beneficial oxygen during crucial times, helping the overall pond health.

Newer advancements in LED technology have improved the brightness and features and lowered both the purchase price and energy consumption over older, halogen light kits. The newer LED kits also often come with color options and quick disconnects standard, which are great features making the lights easier to maintain and service after years in the water.

With Kasco’s equipment, the control panel provided with the fountain (or purchased as an option add-on for our surface aerators) already houses the capabilities of controlling the optional light kit. With 120 volt fountains, the light kits are all plug and play, meaning all you need to do is install the lights on the float and plug them into the panel. With our 240 volt control panel options, the lights need to be hard-wired into the panel, which isn’t difficult, but should be done by an electrician or trained fountain service technician.

For 2017, Kasco is pleased to offer our new LED RGB light kits (watch video on the right). These kits now offer the ability to control the color of the lights without rowing out to the fixtures themselves or pulling the fountain to shore. They also include a remote to control the light color and sequence from up to 300 feet away from the control panel. The control panel for our RGB lights also allow the customer to have the lights react to music, either through an auxiliary cord or with a microphone picking up speaker audio. Again, this makes entertaining guests with a fountain, lights, and music very easy to do.

When it comes to fountains and surface aeration, adding a cost-effective, energy efficient light set will quickly and easily extend your enjoyment of your aeration equipment and give your property that extra sparkle!

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