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Teresa Corrington Joins Kasco Sales Team

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We are pleased to announce Teresa Corrington has joined the Kasco sales team as a Regional Manager. Teresa’s duties will include managing west coast distributors and the development of municipal and industrial business, with a concentration in the CertiSafe product line.

“Teresa’s experience, energy, and strong work ethic are all obvious traits that will translate into stronger relationships within the municipal industry,” said Bob Robinson, Kasco Director of Sales and Marketing.

Teresa is a Washington state native who resides in the Seattle area. She has served in the water/wastewater industry since 2002 and has a wealth of technical knowledge regarding advanced water quality, chemical addition and mixing. Teresa excels in customer service and has extensive knowledge of Kasco distributors and customers.

Well known for her attention to detail, excellent communication skills, and professionalism in the municipal sector, Teresa’s motto is, “Always stay in touch with the customer especially after the sale, as your customer is your best salesperson and it is easier to keep an existing customer than it is to find a new customer!”

Teresa enjoys spending time with her family, which includes her two daughters: Jordan who is attending college and Nicole who is finishing high school. In addition, Teresa enjoys music along with hunting, fishing and camping. Like many Northwesterners, she also loves the rain, enjoys travel and has set her sight on someday traveling to Dubai!

About Kasco

At Kasco, our focus is moving water forward. Through innovative solutions, sound design, and strict adherence to quality and safety standards, we have become a leader in water quality management around the world. Whether mixing, infusing dissolved oxygen, or creating a dramatic fountain display, Kasco is proud to provide over 50 years of the very best products the industry has to offer. Our passion for the latest technology, superior customer service, and top-notch manufacturing is a testament of how we continue to move water forward.

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