Kasco Marine is dedicated to the health and enhancement of your pond or lake. No matter the application, Kasco is the best source for honest, reliable advice and durable, efficient, reasonably priced equipment. Through nearly 50 years of designing and manufacturing high quality de-icers, aerators, fountains and circulators, we have solidified ourselves as the industry leader.

Fountains – Eye catching patterns and displays ensure a relaxing evening out by the pond or lake. You won’t find better fountain patterns or lighting than what Kasco has to offer.

Aerators – Three major choices for aeration dependent on your needs. If your pond or lake are having health issues, let a Kasco representative help you decide if an AF Series Surface Aerator or Robust-Aire Diffused Aeration is right for you. If you want to maintain pond & lake health while getting the aesthetic appeal of a fountain, our VFX Series Aerating Fountains may be the solution for you.

De-Icing – Don’t let thermal stratification reverse the hard work you put into your pond or lakefront last year. Protect your water body with Kasco De-Icers. The only de-icer on the market that inspired a major motion picture!

Circulators – Also used for de-icing applications, Kasco Circulators have multiple benefits. Keep your pond or lakefront mixed, reducing algae and other unwanted weeds and biological contents. You can also use the circulators to push undesirable trash and sludge to shore.

Bacteria and DyeMacro-Zyme Beneficial Bacteria contains a high concentration of facultative anaerobic bacteria that will rapidly reproduce and consume organic material in your pond or lake, eliminating sludge and foul odors.

Kasco’s AquaRenew Pond and Lake Dye is the simple and effective way to enhance the natural beauty of your pond or lake. AquaRenew is safe for the skin. Be sure to follow proper dosage instructions based on the area size of your water body.

Choose your application below to see how we can help improve your pond or lake: