Kasco VFX Series Aerating Fountains set the standard by which all aerating pond fountains are measured. These units deliver both superior oxygenation and aesthetic brilliance, making this a true dual-purpose fountain. As the leader in pond aeration, our VFX aerating fountains have been designed with our clog-resistant technology to ensure you are buying the most efficient unit on the market. Use our VFX Series in your pond, on the lake, in a landscaped water body, or even in industrial applications to help promote evaporation.

These floating units are available from 1/2-5HP in a multitude of power configurations.

  • Self-contained floating units
  • Brilliant V-shaped circular display patterns
  • Outstanding oxygen transfer rates
  • Extremely efficient — low operating costs
  • Durable and corrosion resistant
  • Unique clog-resistant design

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Tech Docs

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60Hz ModelsSize (HP)Voltage OptionsPhase OptionsMin. DepthPattern HeightPattern Width
2400VFX 1/2120V115 in.5 ft.15 ft.
3400VFX 3/4120V, 240V117.5 in.5.5 ft21 ft.
4400VFX1 120V, 240V119 in.8 ft26 ft.
8400VFX & 2.3VFX2 240V, 460V1 & 320 in.8 ft32 ft.
5.1VFX & 5.3VFX5 240V, 460V1 & 326 in.9 ft.34 ft.
50Hz ModelsSize (HP)Voltage OptionsPhase OptionsMin. DepthPattern HeightPattern Width
2400EVFX 1/2220V138 cm1.15 m4.3 m
3400EVFX 3/4220V145 cm1.7 m6.1 m
4400EVFX1 220V149 cm1.7 m6.7 m
3.1EVFX & 3.3EHVFX3 220V, 380V1 & 361 cm2 m7.3 m