Kasco VFX Series Aerating Fountains set the standard by which all aerating fountains are measured. These floating units are available from 1/2-5HP in a multitude of power configurations. VFX fountains will deliver both superior aerating performance as well as an impressive and beautiful visual display. These units can be used in any application where both aeration and beautification are desired; they can also be used in industrial applications to help promote evaporation.

  • Self-contained floating units
  • V-shaped circular display patterns
  • Outstanding oxygen transfer rates
  • Extremely efficient — low operating costs
  • Durable and corrosion resistant
  • Unique clog-resistant design

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Tech Docs

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“Just the thought of a cool colorful fountain in our pond is exciting! I thought it’d be a hugely complicated ordeal and bad for the pond life. You de-mystified the concept for me and I realized its really do-able!” – Marilynn, MD

“The difference, in my opinion, between a great company and all the rest is exactly what you demonstrate; flexibility, a good sense of fairness, and generosity. These are among Kasco Marine’s great qualities and are nicely reflected through the decisions you and others in the company make.” – John, TN

“I have been selling fountains for about 20 years and sold them all. Kasco, without a question, are the finest available.” – Matt, NY

“Before my purchase I had tons of questions. I always had a positive experience each time I contacted Kasco Marine. The representatives that I spoke with went above and beyond to assist me. They were knowledgeable, informative, and very helpful. In my opinion, Kasco Marine has top notch customer service.”  – Butch

“I am writing to thank you for the great customer service I recently experienced when I contacted Kasco with an inquiry related to the operation of my fountain.  It was very refreshing to speak with someone so knowledgeable with all the facets of your product.  We love our fountain and we are confident that we will have it for many years to come.” – Jeff, MA.

60Hz ModelsSize (HP)Voltage OptionsPhase OptionsMin. DepthPattern HeightPattern Width
2400VFX 1/2120V115 in.5 ft.15 ft.
3400VFX 3/4120V, 240V117.5 in.6 ft21 ft.
4400VFX1 120V, 240V119 in.8 ft26 ft.
8400VFX & 2.3VFX2 240V, 460V1 & 320 in.8 ft32 ft.
5.1VFX & 5.3VFX5 240V, 460V1 & 326 in.9 ft.34 ft.
50Hz ModelsSize (HP)Voltage OptionsPhase OptionsMin. DepthPattern HeightPattern Width
2400EVFX 1/2220V138 cm1.15 m4.3 m
3400EVFX 3/4220V145 cm1.7 m6.1 m
4400EVFX1 220V149 cm1.7 m6.7 m
3.1EVFX & 3.3EHVFX3 220V, 380V1 & 361 cm2 m7.3 m