Kasco’s Macro-Zyme Beneficial Bacteria is the perfect choice to control and eliminate sludge and foul odors in tanks, ponds, and lakes.  Macro-Zyme contains a high concentration of facultative anaerobic bacteria that will rapidly reproduce and consume organic material in your pond or lake. When introduced in your water, This easy-to-use product quickly releases billions of beneficial bacteria & enzymes that work around the clock to clean, neutralize, and purify. Application is simple — just apply Macro-Zyme in water 55°(F) or warmer and let it go to work.

This easy to use product is available in several forms:  as quick-dissolving powder in bulk or in water-soluble bags, as six-ounce pucks, or in 6 lb. blocks. The powder is perfect for treating an entire body of water, like your pond. The pucks are designed for easy spot treatments around docks or swimming areas. Both powder and pucks should be applied every 2-3 weeks when water temps are right. Use blocks for on-going time-release treatment lasting up to a month per block. To maximize the performance of this beneficial bacteria, consider adding Kasco aeration and/or circulation products to your pond or lake as well.

See tables below for different application type part numbers and detailed specs:

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“Two years ago we made the switch to Macro-Zyme instead of chemicals and it has had phenomenal results.  I haven’t had to put a boat in the water to spray for 2 years now.  I can apply Macro-Zyme from shore.  It keeps the pond clean and reduces my labor time and costs drastically.  We are starting our 3rd year of Macro-Zyme in this pond without a drop of chemicals used.” -Lake Manager, FL

“I have tried beneficial bacteria, biological, and buffers over the last 18 years.  Macro-Zyme did things I have never seen before.  I used the product in several ponds that had bad algae problems and high nutrient loads, and in some cases, high turnover rates.  I have tried dyes, copper based products, diquat, tilapia, carp, and other bacteria on the market with spotty results.  Then I gave Macro-Zyme a shot, WOW!!  Macro-Zyme is not like any other bacteria in a bottle, it is the one that works!” – Lake Manager, SC

“Our commercial pond management division has experienced great results using Macro-Zyme in storm water retention ponds, golf courses, and lakes.  We applied it in 32 different ponds we manage.  We performed monthly sludge depth tests on the ponds.  Combined with pond aeration, the results revealed a 24″ sludge reduction annually.  That’s an average of 2″ per month!  This product outperformed all other bacteria products we have ever used.” – Lake Manager, SC

“On one pond we treat, we took water samples in Spring and Fall with a full season of Macro-Zyme and aeration in the pond.  Being a flow-through pond, we wanted to see how the quality coming into and leaving the pond changed throughout 1 year of treatment.  The Phosphorus levels at the head of the pond where the water comes in remained the same from Spring to Fall.  However, at the outflow of the pond, our Phosphorus levels dropped drastically.  We started to see sand in areas at the bottom where it hadn’t been visible for years”. – Lake Manager, FL


Part NumberDescriptionTreatment AreaReapplicationTypical Use
MZ16 pk. of 1 oz. ws bagsUp to 6,000 gal.Every 3 weeksSmall pond / watergarden
MZ1Ccase of 6 x 6 pks. of 1 oz .ws bagsUp to 36,000 gal.Every 3 weeksSmall pond / watergarden
MZ88 oz. ws bag1/2 acre-footEvery 3 weeksSmall to medium ponds
MZ8Ccase of 40 x 8 oz. ws bagsup to 20 acre-feetEvery 3 weeksSmall to medium ponds
MZ2525 lb. bulk bag in pail, no ws bagsup to 25 acre-feetEvery 3 weeksMedium to large ponds
MZ5050 lb.bulk bag in pail, no ws bagsup to 50 acre-feetEvery 3 weeksMedium to large ponds


Part NumberDescriptionTreatment AreaReapplicationTypical Use
MZMP7Muck Pucks; 7 lb. pail with 266 pucksup to 10 ft.2 per puckEvery 3 weeksSpot treatment around docks and swimming


Part NumberDescriptionTreatment AreaReapplicationTypical Use
MZMB5Muck Block; 6 lb. blockUp to 6 acre-feetEvery 30 daysMedium to large ponds & feeder steams

Use when water temps are 55° F or greater
ws = Water Soluble bags