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With a Kasco Ice-Blaster, you can maintain open water anytime of the year. The powerful, 275 watt 12V DC motor will clear ice fast and can work in as little as 2 ft. of water. No power source available? No problem. The efficient design allows for up to 5 1/2 hours of operation on a 100 amp hr. deep cycle marine battery. Depending on exact conditions, a single Ice Blaster can clear an area 50 ft. in diameter. The compact, light weight design uses four 1 in. diameter metal legs (user supplied) that can easily be adjusted and collapses for portability. The built-in handle makes transporting to your favorite spot fast and easy. Don’t let ice and cold cut your hunting season short.

  • Safe: Fuse on power input and stainless steel prop guard
  • Rugged: Durable finishes on all materials, internal auto-reset thermal overload protection, stainless steel motor shaft, sealed ball bearings, long life brushes, and mechanical seals
  • Powerful: 275 watt motor for superior performance
  • Efficient: Up to 5 hours on a single, 100 amp hour deep cycle battery
  • Portable: 35 ft. power cord, collapsible leg assembly and carrying handle
  • Operates in as little as 2 ft. of water
  • 1 year warranty
  • Ships in a single, 20 lb. box
Tech Docs

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“The ducks come right in with the only open water around.  2/3 of the ducks that we have taken this year are due to the Kasco De-Icer!!  From the first week of the season we have had ice almost every week and we leave them on.” – Kenny, TN

“You can see the ice in the background.  The De-Icer really makes it sweet to keep your hole open and if it wasn’t for the De-Icer, we would not have taken these ducks this morning!  It would have been frozen!!”  – Kenny, TN

“This is the second week of January.  The temp was somewhere around zero with the wind chill -15 and we had a hole open!!  You could walk around the edge of the hold and it was about 3.5″ of ice.  We would have been shut down and wouldn’t have been able to hunt without the Kasco De-Icer” – Kenny, TN

“Again, we would not have harvested 2/3 of the ducks we took without the De-Icer!!  We took over 367 ducks from this hole and it would have been frozen up most of the time if not for the De-Icer!!  “ – Kenny, TN

“The smile on these young men’s faces tells it all.  They had their limit of ducks by lunch, but if it wasn’t for the De-Icer, they would never have had the chance to hunt as tempeartres dropped down to 11 and everything froze up.  The De-Icer has run almost all duck season due to the cold and it has not let me down!  Look how big the hole is!” – Kenny, TN

“We owe all these ducks to the De-Icer.  It is what caused these ducks to get to take a ride to the house.  Look at what a hold of open water we have on Feb. 8th in 19 degree weather!” – Kenny, TN

 Product Numbers & Specifications

Part NumberCord LengthVoltageMinimum DepthNumber of Boxes
1812DD03535 ft.122 ft.1