Available April 1st, Kasco has redesigned the 3/4HP J Series fountains! We have enhanced the housing, impeller, and nozzles to create an even better product. Both flow rate AND pattern size have been improved without increasing amp draw. This dramatically improves aesthetic appeal without increasing operating costs or fountain pricing. In addition, assembly, as well as nozzle changes are faster and easier!

Kasco’s 3400JF decorative fountains are the perfect way to add class to any small or mid-size pond or lake. 

  • Offered as 60Hz, 120V and 208-240V single phase options
  • 5 fountain patterns included
  • 120V option offers cord lengths up to 200 ft.
  • 208-240V option offers cord lengths up fo 500 ft.
  • Protect your power cord with optional flex sleeve cord protector
  • 120V option includes C-25 control panel, 208-240V option includes C-85 control panel
  • Optional lighting packages included
  • 2 year warranty

See part numbers below for detailed specs and options:


J Series Redesign Comparison – Old vs New

Pattern3/4HP Old Height (ft.)3/4HP Old Width3/4HP NEW Height3/4HP NEW Width

3400JF Fountains — 60 Hz, 120V

Part NumberCord LengthVoltagePhaseControllerLightsMinimum DepthAmpsNumber of Boxes
3400JF05050 ft.1201C25Optional LED17.5 in.7.32
3400JF100100 ft.1201C25Optional LED17.5 in7.32
3400JF150150 ft.1201C25Optional LED17.5 in.7.33
3400JF200200 ft.1201C25Optional LED17.5 in.7.33

3400HJF Fountains — 60 Hz, 208-240V

Part NumberCord LengthVoltagePhaseControllerLightsMinimum DepthAmpsNumber of Boxes
3400HJF05050 ft.208-2401C85Optional LED17.5 in.3.32
3400HJF100100 ft.208-2401C85Optional LED17.5 in3.32
3400HJF150150 ft.208-2401C85Optional LED17.5 in.3.34
3400HJF200200 ft.208-2401C85Optional LED17.5 in.3.34
3400HJF250250 ft.208-2401C85Optional LED17.5 in.3.34
3400HJF300300 ft.208-2401C85Optional LED17.5 in.3.34
3400HJF400400 ft.208-2401C85Optional LED17.5 in.3.34
3400HJF500500 ft.208-2401C85Optional LED17.5 in.3.34

3400EJF J Series Decorative Fountains — 50Hz, 220V (European Countries Only)

Part NumberCord LengthVoltagePhaseControllerLightsMinimum DepthAmpsNumber of Boxes
3400EJF0001m stub220-2401NAOptional Halogen38 cm3.82
3400EJF01010m220-2401NAOptional Halogen38 cm3.82

The above unit is available with a 10M power cord or a stub power cord which will allow additional power cord length to be added as needed during installation.  A control box is not included.

All above units include the C-85 control box with timer, GFCB protection, surge protection, and a 120V GFI lighting outlet.