Fountains make beautiful and dramatic displays. Why not add lighting so you can enjoy the display even at night? Kasco has lighting solutions for all our fountains with our state-of-the-art LED lighting options. Kasco lighting packages are designed and engineered for efficient and reliable performance and are quick and easy to install. Explore our fountain lighting solutions for an even more dramatic display.

Product Options to Consider (Click on Product):

RGB Decorative Fountain Lighting – NEW!

Add these RGB lights to your J Series or VFX Fountain for the ultimate lighting and event lighting experience!

Lighting for Kasco Aerators, J Fountains & VFX Fountains (1/2HP-7.5HP)

Add these LED or halogen lights to your Kasco Aerator, J Series Fountain or VFX Fountain for enhanced illumination

LED Puck Lights for Kasco xStream Fountains

Enjoy your xStream Fountain at night with this 8-fixture LED light kit

Universal Lighting for Non-Kasco Brand Fountains

Kasco quality lighting for any brand fountain or aerator