Occasionally, customers will make a mistake and buy a fountain from another manufacturer. Then they ask if we can help with their lighting needs. We are happy to help. The universal lighting package was created so that Kasco lights will fit on most any brand fountain. This kit includes:

  • 4 fixtures in composite housings
  • Underwater rated power cord
  • Universal mounting brackets

We can even supply a control panel if needed. Don’t let a bad decision on your fountain stop you from getting Kasco quality and performance in your lighting.

See table below for part numbers and specs: 

2400VFX 1/2HP Floating Aerating Fountains – 120V Single Phase, 60Hz

Part NumberCord LengthNumber of FixturesFixture Wattage
LED4C11-05050 ft.411
LED4C11-100100 ft.411
LED4C11-150150 ft.411
LED4C11-200200 ft.411
LED4C11-250250 ft.411
LED4C11-300300 ft.411
LED4C11-400400 ft.411
LED4C11-500500 ft.411
LED4S19-05050 ft.419
LED4S19-100100 ft.419
LED4S19-150150 ft.419
LED4S19-200200 ft.419
LED4S19-250250 ft.419
LED4S19-300300 ft.419
LED4S19-400400 ft.419
LED4S19-500500 ft.419