The universal lighting package was created so that Kasco lights will fit on most any brand fountain. This kit includes:

  • 4 fixtures in composite housings
  • Underwater rated power cord
  • Universal mounting brackets

Protect your lighting power cord by adding a flex sleeve cord protector.

Part NumberCord LengthNumber of FixturesFixture Wattage
LED4C11-05050 ft.411
LED4C11-100100 ft.411
LED4C11-150150 ft.411
LED4C11-200200 ft.411
LED4C11-250250 ft.411
LED4C11-300300 ft.411
LED4C11-400400 ft.411
LED4C11-500500 ft.411
LED4S19-05050 ft.419
LED4S19-100100 ft.419
LED4S19-150150 ft.419
LED4S19-200200 ft.419
LED4S19-250250 ft.419
LED4S19-300300 ft.419
LED4S19-400400 ft.419
LED4S19-500500 ft.419
RGB4C5-05050 ft.45
RGB4C5-100100 ft.45
RGB4C5-150150 ft.45
RGB4C5-200200 ft.45
RGB4C5-250250 ft.45
RGB4C5-300300 ft.45