Kasco Circulators/Mixers are versatile workhorses that can help solve many common water problems throughout the year and will greatly improve the health and vitality of your water. During the summer months, they will mix, agitate, and eliminate stagnant water areas where unwanted aquatic plants grow and mosquitoes breed.

In the spring and fall, they help reduce thermal stratification in deeper bodies of water preventing or limiting the negative effects of pond turnover. During the winter months, Kasco Circulators/Mixers can be used to keep areas of water open to help prevent winterkill of fish populations and protect permanent structures from ice damage.

Kasco Circulators/Mixers are also commonly used in a variety of industrial and municipal applications including tank mixing, water towers, waste water facilities, and more.  All these units are designed and built to perform reliably in any installation including salt-water and other corrosive environments.

Watch how quickly our AquaRenew Dye is thoroughly mixed by our 3400CF circulator unit in our pond. It took our circulator roughly 30 minutes to completely mix the dye in our 700,000 gallon pond. (Video is time lapsed down to 30 seconds.)

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“The difference, in my opinion, between a great company and all the rest is exactly what you demonstrate; flexibility, a good sense of fairness, and generosity. These are among Kasco Marine’s great qualities and are nicely reflected through the decisions you and others in the company make.” – John, TN

“Before my purchase I had tons of questions. I always had a positive experience each time I contacted Kasco Marine. The representatives that I spoke with went above and beyond to assist me. They were knowledgeable, informative, and very helpful. In my opinion, Kasco Marine has top notch customer service.”  – Butch

“I am writing to thank you for the great customer service I recently experienced when I contacted Kasco with an inquiry related to the operation of my fountain.  It was very refreshing to speak with someone so knowledgeable with all the facets of your product.  We love our fountain and we are confident that we will have it for many years to come.” – Jeff, MA.

60Hz ModelsSize (HP)Voltage OptionsPhase Options
2400CF 1/2120V1
3400CF 3/4120V, 240V1
4400CF1 120V, 240V1
50Hz ModelsSize (HP)Voltage OptionsPhase Options
2400ECF 1/2220V1
3400ECF 3/4220V1
4400ECF1 220V1