Kasco Circulators are versatile workhorses that can help solve many common water problems throughout the year and will greatly improve the health and vitality of your water. During the summer months, they will mix, agitate, and eliminate stagnant water areas where unwanted aquatic plants grow and mosquitoes breed. Optional mounting systems include the universal dock mount, industrial dock mount.

In the spring and fall, they help reduce thermal stratification in deeper bodies of water preventing or limiting the negative effects of pond turnover. During the winter months, Kasco Circulators can be used to keep areas of water open to help prevent winter kill of fish populations and protect permanent structures from ice damage.

Kasco Circulators are commonly used in a variety of industrial and municipal applications including tank mixing, water towers, waste water facilities, and more.  All these units are designed and built to perform reliably in any installation including salt-water and other corrosive environments.

Protect your circulator power cord by adding a flex sleeve cord protector.

Mounting Options

Horizontal Float

With the horizontal float, the circulator unit is horizontally secured with stainless steel components beneath the water. This mounting option offers 5 angles of orientation and comes with 3 mooring ropes to secure the unit to shore.


Universal Dock Mount

Mount your unit on a dock or piling with our universal kit. Rotate the unit to change its angle and depth. Uses a 1 in. threaded pipe, which is supplied by the customer.

Industrial Dock Mount

The industrial kit is made with stainless steel and galvanized parts for harsh environments. Uses a 1.5 in. / 40 mm threaded or unthreaded pipe, which is supplied by the customer.


Watch how quickly our AquaRenew Dye is thoroughly mixed by our 3/4HP circulator unit. It took our circulator roughly 30 minutes to completely mix the dye in our 1/2 acre, 800,000 gallon pond. (Video is time lapsed to 30 seconds.)


“We have a 170 slip marina on the St. Croix River and use 14 Kasco Circulator units in the summer months for water quality purposes. They are used with floats, dock mounts, and suspended by ropes depending on the location and circulation requirement. We also use more in the winter for de-icing purposes. As far as the summer months are concerned, they are effective at cleaning up the water, put debris in areas that it can easily be picked up, and assist in weed and algae control. I am surprised that all marinas do not use this type of approach. We have been doing this for 15 years and customers ask for them because they know they work.” – Joe Riley, General Manager, Afton, MN

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60Hz ModelsSize (HP)Voltage OptionsPhase Options
2400CF 1/2120V1
3400CF 3/4120V, 240V1
4400CF1 120V, 240V1
50Hz ModelsSize (HP)Voltage OptionsPhase Options
2400ECF 1/2220V1
3400ECF 3/4220V1
4400ECF1 220V1