Kasco equipment is built to the highest standards, but occasionally problems do occur and repairs are needed. We are here to help throughout that process.

Equipment can be shipped to Kasco for evaluation and a free repair estimate.  Kasco also has a number of Authorized Service Centers, and we will gladly direct you to a local service center if one is present.

Our goal is to give you an estimate of cost to repair within 24 hours of receiving your equipment. Once we receive approval to proceed, repairs can often be made in just a matter of days.

If you’d like to contact us regarding your repair needs, please fill out our Repair Center Form at the link below.

If you’d like to simply send in your unit for a free repair estimate, please download the return form below, fill it out, and include it with the unit returned to Kasco or Kasco Authorized Repair Center.

If a customer chooses not to proceed with a repair, the equipment will be destroyed unless we are otherwise directed. If the customer would like the unit returned, the unit will be restored as closely as possible to the condition in which it was received and returned to the customer at customer’s expense.

Kasco accepts Visa, Master Card and Discover credit card payments. We do not accept Amex. At the customer’s request, Kasco will call for credit card information upon completion of the repair.

For repair inquiries, please contact us at 715-262-4488 or websales@kascomarine.com.