We love to hear from our customers and we love to share those experiences of both returning and new buyers. Please send us your stories, pictures and videos. We would love to feature them on the website and even in our advertising. You’re feedback matters to us.

If you want to share your Kasco experience please drop us a line at websales@kascomarine.com.

“Please allow me to take a moment of your time to Thank You and the fine people at Kasco Marine for outstanding customer support and service. From the time I first walked in the door until our units were completed and back home everything about the entire process was nothing short of professional.  It’s that kind of professionalism and customer service that makes your customers want to continue doing business with you.”

 – Jim, WI

VIDEO: Idaho Fish Farms

“Just the thought of a cool colorful fountain in our pond is exciting! I thought it’d be a hugely complicated ordeal and bad for the pond life. You de-mystified the concept for me and I realized its really do-able!”

 – Marilyn, ND

“Before my purchase I had tons of questions. I always had a positive experience each time I contacted Kasco Marine. The representatives that I spoke with went above and beyond to assist me. They were knowledgeable, informative, and very helpful. In my opinion, Kasco Marine has top notch customer service.”

 – Butch

VIDEO: Star Prarie Trout Farms

“The difference, in my opinion, between a great company and all the rest is exactly what you demonstrate; flexibility, a good sense of fairness, and generosity. These are among Kasco Marine’s great qualities and are nicely reflected through the decisions you and others in the company make.”

 – John, TN

“We bought our dream home in 2001. We had a pond dug in front of our home approximately 1/4 acre in size. We stocked it with fish and purchased a 1/4 hp fountain complete with an amber light ring, 5 interchangeable spray heads. We have had our fountain for 12 years with no repairs, no problems whatsoever. The lights looked like fire inside the center of the fountain. We have sent many friends to Kasco due to the beauty and durability of our fountain. We recommend cleaning any fountain 2 times a year to remove algae and keep the fountain heads clear. We are extremely happy with our fountain as are our fish. We have not experienced ‘turnover’, a common problem in small ponds that occurs when proper aeration is not available. Turnovers kill your fish population, and result in having to drain the pond and start over. Kasco’s prices and durability outsell and beat any other fountains. Thank you for making our dream home a reality.”

 – Tonya

“I have been selling fountains for about 20 years and sold them all. Kasco, without a question, are the finest available.”

 – Matt, NY

“I am writing to thank you for the great customer service I recently experienced when I contacted Kasco with an inquiry related to the operation of my fountain.  It was very refreshing to speak with someone so knowledgeable with all the facets of your product.  We love our fountain and we are confident that we will have it for many years to come.”

 – Jeff, MA

“Kasco is the best company I have ever represented. From competitive pricing, forward thinking on products, fast shipment, excellent customer service, leadership, rep meetings, owning up to and fixing mistakes, and being simply genuinely nice people….that’s why I love you guys!”

 – Paul, CO

“After discussing my application with your people I felt Kasco was a quality organization. But in this day of what seems to be a growing consensus of ‘buyer beware’, I figured I was on my own with this problem. Your quick response and resolution is refreshing. I also want to let you know you have a fine dealer in my area. Prior to my purchase, the owner spent quite a bit of time with me showing the various models of Kasco fountains and aerators and explaining the differences. He made me feel very comfortable in my decision to go with the 2400AF model.”

 – Dave, NY

“If I need anything I call Matt. He is phenomenal! He is great! I love him. He gives us great service and does an exceptional job.”

 – Chad, TX