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De-icing Keeps Even Birds Safe in the Winter

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De-icing is not just for the protection of property like boats, piers, or docks. It’s also not just for winterkill prevention for the fish in your pond. De-icing can also be used to protect your feathered friends, like these swans. (photo courtesy of Iowa State Extension office).

Using a Robust-Aire system to keep strategically located areas of open water can provide safe harbor for waterfowl. The open water area allows for a safe place for fowl to inhabit and keep them protected from predators.Simply keeping a small, open water sanctuary will help your waterfowl and keep them safe until the rest of the water body thaws.

Sizing varies by pond situation and goals with de-icing.

Call us at 715-262-4488 or email websales@kascomarine.com for a customized layout to protect your feathered friends.

Open Water Keeps Swans Safe

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