Kasco Marine Circulator Mixing

Whether you are mixing paints, stains, or thermally and chemically destratifying liquids, Kasco has the right product to get your job done efficiently and economically. Our range of mixing solutions includes surface aerators, propeller-style circulators, and diffused aeration; all of which are designed and built to stand up to the toughest applications.  Our products are able to withstand both fresh and salt water environments as well as tough industrial applications with wide ranging chemical properties and pH and temperature levels.

With the expertise and products to get the job done right, let us solve your toughest mixing challenge.

Product Options to Consider (Click on Product):

Robust-Aire Diffused Aeration Systems

Bottom diffused aeration systems ideally suited for deeper waters

AF Series Surface Aerators

Surface aeration systems ideally suited for less deep applications

Circulators / Mixers

Reliable and effective mixing and circulating units for a wide variety of applications


CertiSafe Circulators / Mixers

Certified to NSF/ANSI 61 & 372 standards, Kasco’s CertiSafe Circulators / Mixers are designed to safely and effectively mix municipal tanks 10,000 gallons and larger.


D Series De-Icers

Keep water open and property protected with the industry standard in de-icers