The heart of Kasco is our people. Creative and passionate people who never stop pursuing perfection. That means better solutions and better products for you. Tap into our team of industry-leading biologists, engineers, application specialists, and manufacturing professionals — you just won’t find greater experience or expertise. Let us help you get the solution you need today.

Meet our team members below.

  • Ray Lee
      Ray LeePresident

    Sales & Marketing



    • James Verdouw
        James VerdouwEngineering Manager
      • Tom Garfin
          Tom GarfinQuality Manufacturing Engineer
        • David Decaire
            David DecaireMechanical Design Engineer
          • Gary Reust
              Gary ReustElectrical Engineer / Sales
            • Travis Hilden
                Travis HildenMechanical Design Engineer
              • Todd Dombrock
                  Todd DombrockMechanical Design Engineer


                • Trevor Johnson
                    Trevor JohnsonPlant Manager
                  • Scott Hilden
                      Scott HildenProduction Lead
                    • Josh Edwards
                        Josh EdwardsProduction Lead
                      • Dave Bauer
                          Dave BauerProduction Lead
                        • Rob Rice
                            Rob RiceProduction/ Repairs
                          • Jodi Austrum
                              Jodi AustrumProduction
                            • Eric Brathol
                                Eric BratholProduction Lead
                              • Scott Ziemek
                                  Scott ZiemekProduction
                                • Mike Rose
                                    Mike RoseProduction
                                  • Jack Engnes
                                      Jack EngnesRepairs
                                    • Cyndi Platzer
                                        Cyndi PlatzerProduction