No one has more experience in de-icing than Kasco, as our e-icers were the first truly effective units on the market. Originally developed to allow in-water boat storage in areas subject to freezing, the de-icer is now used in a multitude of applications.

De-icing pushes warm, bottom water to the surface to prevent or eliminate ice formation. This creates an ice-free area of protection around your boat, dock, pier, or other in-water property during freezing temperatures. Providing this ice-free zone will successfully prevent damage from ice jacking and expansion. De-icers can also help protect fish and aquatic species, by allowing for open areas where oxygen can enter the water.

Don’t think of a de-icer as a product just for northern climates or winter use. These high performance motors that create large amounts of water flow for winter de-icing can also be used to provide year-round benefits. Water circulation from a de-icer will help eliminate foul odors and stagnant water areas and may help deter floating plant growth. This water flow is also an easy and effective way to prevent floating debris and trash from entering marinas or collecting around boats and dock. By strategically placing de-icers on dock mounts or horizontal floats, water flow can be directed to push debris to areas where it is easy to remove or even prevent it from entering the area altogether.

Clean, healthy water is more attractive, safer for you, your boat and property, and is a benefit to the aquatic life sharing the water space. Save time, money, and effort by using Kasco’s De-Icers year-round for improved health and beauty of your water.

Kasco De-Icers and Big Miracle

big-miracleIn October 1988, three young gray whales were trapped under the ice near Barrow, Alaska, and the rescue mission that unfolded captured the world’s attention. It also caught the attention of Greg Ferrian and Rick Skluzacek, part of the Kasco Marine family. The two were sure that their Kasco Marine de-icers could help save the whales by creating openings in the ice, allowing the whales to come up for much needed oxygen. The head of the rescue mission told Greg to stay home in Minnesota, but he was undeterred. He packed up some Kasco de-icers and asked his brother-in-law, Rick (a Kasco Marine engineer), to accompany him. The two men embarked on a trip 500km above the Arctic Circle to Barrow with de-icers in-tow, and the rest (as they say) is history. The Kasco de-icers quickly and effectively created the openings and with the help of a clean-up crew and rescue team, the Whales were led to the openings to get some much needed, life-saving oxygen. Click here to find out more about how Kasco de-icers were used in this rescue mission that inspired the major motion picture film, “Big Miracle.”

D Series De-Icers

Keep your water open and ice-free and your property protected with the industry standard in de-icers