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Before being hired as a full time Kasco employee, Paul worked as an independent manufacturer?s representative for us for over 10 years. His innate ability to identify ways to help our customers grow by sharing his own experiences will be of great value to the team. Paul has a wealth of knowledge and experience across many aquatic industries. He?s worked closely with pond liner sales and installations for many years and is considered a leading authority on membrane liners in the United States. Paul has consulted and made sales to environmental engineers, landfill owners, industry regulators, mining companies, counties, municipalities, and local, state and federal fish and wildlife agencies.

Improve Water Quality at the Intake Level

April 16, 2019

Water at the intake level can easily become layered and odorous. In our latest blog post, read how our Robust-Aire diffused aeration can keep water properly mixed and healthy.

Featured Install: Texas Detention Pond

November 14, 2018

With a combination of aeration, beneficial bacteria & dye, this Texas detention pond was effectively cleaned up.