“​​​​​​​We LOVE this fountain, and we LOVE the lights.”
“I have been selling fountains for about 20 years and sold them all. Kasco, without a question, are the finest available.”
"Very pleased with the product – though only installed 3 days ago. Excellent spray pattern & lighting system – very impressed."
“Selling Kasco fountains is easy, you simply have the best product and best support on the market. Thank you for all you do. I am looking forward to a great season this year”
“Just the thought of a cool colorful fountain in our pond is exciting! I thought it’d be a hugely complicated ordeal and bad for the pond life. You de-mystified the concept for me and I realized its really do-able!”
“Love your fountains. Have had 3 other brands and this one of yours outlasted them all. Have a resort with fishing ponds with all the hunting. Also tons of church groups all summer, thus so many fountains.”
"Installed the newly redesigned 5HP J-Series fountain with a premium Mahogany nozzle for a Parade of Homes site. Huge improvement to pattern size…very impressive. The developer said “The fountain looks great and we couldn’t be happier with the finished product”. Thanks Kasco!!"
“I am writing to thank you for the great customer service I recently experienced when I contacted Kasco with an inquiry related to the operation of my fountain. It was very refreshing to speak with someone so knowledgeable with all the facets of your product. We love our fountain and we are confident that we will have it for many years to come.”
"The redesign of the J-Series has been fantastic. The 1HP units with the Linden nozzle we have installed are getting major compliments from the customers. These are perfect fountains for smaller pond. We also recently upgraded a customers 3.1J from the old style to the new with a Balsam nozzle, 6 LIGHT set, Amber Lenses. His words after seeing it the first night were, and I quote, “Pretty dang spectacular!”. We are excited to be providing our customers with these new fountains moving forward!"
"Our neighborhood association in the Twin Cities owns a 20 year old 2HP J series fountain for our common 2.5 acre pond which recently died. After researching the issue and comparing the cost of repair vs. new or purchasing a cheaper product I brought the fountain to the factory, only 35 miles away, for repair. I can’t imagine better service. All personnel I met were extremely helpful and courteous, and our rebuilt fountain works great for a fraction of the cost of a new one. The fact that the fountain has lasted so long speaks volumes about the engineering and quality of Kasco products."
“We bought our dream home in 2001. We had a pond dug in front of our home approximately 1/4 acre in size. We stocked it with fish and purchased a 1/4 hp fountain complete with an amber light ring, 5 interchangeable spray heads. We have had our fountain for 12 years with no repairs, no problems whatsoever. The lights looked like fire inside the center of the fountain. We have sent many friends to Kasco due to the beauty and durability of our fountain. We are extremely happy with our fountain as are our fish. [...] Kasco’s prices and durability outsell and beat any other fountains. Thank you for making our dream home a reality.”


“My brother has one of your pumps that is almost 20 years old and still works like new so he highly recommended you guys.”
"Our marina (Hudson River - Stony Point, NY) has over one hundred de-icers. This winter ran less than previous years due to above average temps. They work very well in our basin."
"This is a high quality reliable product at a reasonable price. This is my second Kasco Marine pump. The first one lasted 15 years running approximately 8 hours daily for 8 months. Definitely recommend."
"This product is top of the line and the pump has a 50ft cord which is great to reach where you need it to. I had to contact customer service to ask a question and they responded immediately, were more then helpful and so nice. Highly recommend!"
"Works great! The entire lake is frozen over, but my dock is still sitting in liquid. Suspended vertical about 6ft down, it is keeping ice clear on all sides. Super fast shipping too. Ordered about 11pm Friday, scheduled for Tuesday but showed up early on Sunday afternoon. Thanks!"
“I wanted to let you know how happy I have been with your product since I purchased it from Amazon in October 2018. The 3/4HP De-icer has prevented any ice buildup near my dock for the past couple of winter seasons and saved me from doing any costly repairs to the dock. I also use it during the summer to improve water quality. I appreciate the great product and hope I get more years of service from the de-icer.”


"Totally changed my lake front! So much more usable!"
"Your product works great on the Chesapeake Bay when the Nettles appear in late July. In some areas, like St. Michaels, you will be changing the strainer every two hours. I had no issues for 72 hours in a sea of Snot Nettles."
"I just put this on my existing weed remover on a lake in Wisconsin. It was getting clogged with Milfoil every few hours. Now with AquatiClear I do not have clogs and it moves out all the weeds. Saves me lots of time and my Dock area looks great."
"We used AquatiClear in Biscayne Bay to help move along floating weeds and debris around a large marina. This system will pass all materials without clogging or failing. It is a huge improvement on previous designs. Kasco is also the best manufacturer in customer service and it’s not even close."


Stout Fountains and Aeration
"Surface aerators are great! I recommend them to my customers often, and those who have have purchased them have been very happy with them!"
"I’ve had my system for 8 years and had bad algae. I have a 2 acre pond that's 16 feet deep and has been completely clear of all algae for the 8 years the system has been running. Outstanding product."
“Can you send us a freight quite for shipping to Hawaii? We are not sure which option the customer will choose, but he is replacing his 20+ year old Kasco 4400AF that finally gave up the ghost!”
“Kasco’s been a great company for the state of Wisconsin, helping farmers solve their aeration problems. It’s a good company to get some baseline data and understand about what your needs are with aquaculture.”
“We have a 2-acre pond that we never have to treat. We use a bottom aeration system that takes care of algae and muck. 9 years running, no algae, nothing. It’s an awesome system that I’d recommend to anyone.”
“My customer’s aeration system went in today as flawless as they come. He mentioned that another company was about 2-3 weeks behind us on getting back to him on his original call. He said that was a huge factor on going with us. So thank you for the quick turnaround time.”
“We have 50 ponds. Our ponds wouldn’t function the way they do without Kasco Aerators, the company has treated us very well. Our densities are way better than they were and we wouldn’t have production the way we do, today, without them.”
“The Kasco aerators are a must to keep the fish alive in our sumps as we pull these large ponds down and concentrate the fish. We use a small Honda generator with an extra gas tank to keep it running all night long. It also concentrates the fish around it for an easier harvest first thing in the morning.”
“The response by the team at Kasco Marine to an emergency situation was truly phenomenal. With D.O. Levels crashing and another fish kill imminent Kasco loaded 5 surface aerators, drove them to the lake and installed them. They went above and beyond for this customer and the product continues to work great.”
“This is the Don Ho of tiny bubbles (referring to Robust-Aire™.) With regulators requiring stricter water quality discharge standards in marinas, this version improves water flow 10 to 40 percent and solves several design challenges other manufacturers face trying to improve aquatic conditions.”
“I’d like to say thank you tenfold for coming out to Inverness Lake on July 24th and rescuing us from what could have turned out to be a major fish kill. I am impressed that Kasco traveled 400 miles on 12 hours notice….The aerators have definitely helped raised the oxygen levels to a safe level. Thank you for your product and services.”
"A popular fishing pond located in a metro area park had experienced multiple winter fish kills. Following consultation with the staff at Kasco, we recommended a Robust-Aire System 1. The systems are simple and easy to install with limited assembly needed. The unit has performed well through our Minnesota winters and eliminated winterkill along with costly fish stocking. Robust-Aire has been an inexpensive, effective solution."
"[...] We presented the HOA with a very cost-effective proposal to provide Robust-Aire™ Diffused Aeration from Kasco along with Macro-Zyme Beneficial Bacteria to clean up the muck on the bottom and reduce the moss on the surface of the lake. The HOA grounds committee members easily installed the system. Within a few weeks, the lakes had virtually no moss and the water was cleared up satisfactorily. The HOA and neighbors provided many nice comments regarding the significant improvements."
“Winyah has installed Robust-Aire™ in pond that is directly connected to salt water systems (27-32 ppt). This pond is located in South Carolina where water temperatures in the ponds reach excess of 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32.2 C). The diffuser system increased the dissolved oxygen in the pond and at the sediment/water interface. This oxygen increase has increased bacteria activity and is obvious by the reduction of organics on the pond bottom. The system has operated flawlessly since installation in 2013, and has resulted in the sale of another system to a resident of the Home Owner Association.”
“We were presented us with a very cost-effective proposal to provide the necessary equipment from Kasco companies to provide aeration for our lakes and also to provide us with beneficial bacteria to clean up the muck on the bottom and reduce the moss on the surface of the lake. They suggested a great way to install the aeration pump, associated piping and diffusers. We easily installed the system and began a process to slowly bring the aeration on line, until we reached 24 hour operation of the aeration pump. We have noticed, along with many of our neighbors that the lakes have no moss and the water is clearing up very satisfactorily. We have added additional beneficial bacteria and are extremely happy with the purchase.“
“The people at Kasco were very accommodating and helpful in answering all of my many questions not only about how the aeration/diffuser system works but also regarding the type, size, design and layout of the system that was ultimately selected to be installed. Delivery of the Kasco RA6 system was made, and it was installed tested in one day. [...] With circulating water and increasing DO at all depths, and producing a uniform temperature water column from surface to bottom, the Kasco RA6 system has not only saved my pond but is going to increase the availability of livable habitat and allow for a greater carrying capacity of both largemouth bass and sunfish. Thank you Kasco.”
“In the fall of 2020, our Homeowners Association located on the coast in Loreto, Baja California Sur, Mexico purchased three prototype Kasco Large Robust-Aire™ Aeration Systems. These included a 10-diffuser system, an 11-diffuser system and 7-diffuser system. We immediately saw results and were extremely happy to learn that a side benefit of aerating these water bodies was a dramatic reduction in the amount of pond chemicals we needed to use! [...] We selected the Kasco design based on the cooling and filtering features it offered. We are directly on the beach and summers here hover around 95 degrees from May to September. I am sending you this summary to let you know how PLEASED we are with the quality of these systems. Thank you,”

Pond Probiotics

“​​​​​​​I have spent thousands of dollars over the last ten years in an attempt to clear my pond water. After two of your six pound muck blocks over the last two months, I can see the bottom and my fish. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
"Muck Block has no equal. I’ve tried a lot of bacteria products to control algae in my one acre pond. Everything from liquids to powders to small pellets. The Macro-Zyme blocks keep the algae under control, and really make the pond water sparkle on a sunny morning."
“I have a 17,000 gallon pond in my yard which I built 20 years ago. the pond is rubber lined and has fish and plants and a waterfall but no other filtration. the water has been green for the entire 20 years. I began using your muck ball this year, and the water has become crystal clear. i have spent thousands of dollars over the years and never had such results, god bless you all.”
“I have less than a 1/2 acre pond on my hobby horse farm. Occasionally in high rainfall events some of the horse manure runoff makes it into this pond. I have been using MacroZyme for 3+ years. I love the product and it works wonders on the organic load. Since using much blocks my pond has never been clearer. If it wasn’t for the muck blocks my pond would be full of muck and most likely weeds and pond clarity would be poor. The 1/2HP V pattern fountain just runs and runs as well.”
“[...] Things were working quite well through the Spring but when things warmed up we had an overnight algae bloom which made the pond less than desirable. I contacted Joe Holz from your company and told him my issues. [...] Joe allayed our fears about using harmful chemicals and told us to try this Macro-Zyme product that you sell. We put the easy to apply packets into the pond and in several days the algae bloom was no longer a factor. I am extremely pleased with the support and knowledge of your staff. They exceeded my expectations and cannot wait to get my next order in. Keep up the great work.”
"Our pond was getting very cloudy and murky and with the dry hot weather I was concerned with the bad bacteria and algae that was growing in it! I added the pond Bacteria and in about a week it began to clear and it is no longer cloudy. It is harmless to the fish. It has satisfied us 100%! It has been over a month since we put it in our pond and it is still clear. I have recommended this to friends. Great product! Simple to use and not messy!"
"Within days it restored clear water and ph balance to my little pond. I used just a TABLESPOON because my pond is only 300 gallons. I now add a tsp every month."
"This stuff works really well. Only gave it 4 stars because it does take a little time to see the results. My pond always get a layer of scum on top during the hot summer months wich seems to make the mosquitoes even worse. This product clears it all up but you do need to be patient as it may take a week to start seeing the result. (Works faster when you can get some movement in the water. Also don't wait until it is really bad) I like the fact that it is a natural safe product and does not harm my fish."
"This product works great. I have an acre pond and tried many products. None worked as fast and successful as this one. I have not seen any algae or oxygen loss since using this product. Great price and fast shipping."

Company / Customer Service

"The fountain arrived! Thanks for your great customer service."
“Kasco units are easy to quote and service! Reliable! Fantastic customer service!"
“You guys are crushing it with keeping up on shipping. It is GREATLY appreciated.”
“If I need anything I call Matt. He is phenomenal! He is great! I love him. He gives us great service and does an exceptional job.”
“Got the “trippers” last night in the mail. They are exactly what I need. Thanks for the prompt and superlative service. Will look to Kasco for all my future pond needs.”
“Kasco gives me a great opportunity. They make good quality products and have great people. I wish I had more companies that were as much into the game as you guys are.”
“It is a pleasure to work with Kasco. The combination of value, quality and continuous improvement has helped me a lot. It is an easy product to sell. Kasco feels like family.”
“Its always a pleasure to work with a company that goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. It makes my job easy!! Thanks for all you and everyone else at Kasco does!"
“As always, the staff at Kasco has been great to work with – from order placement to repairs, they have the answers you’re looking for with quick turnaround to boot! Keep up the good work.”
“Kasco does a great job of keeping quality people on their staff, which is a rarity. Hayden even took my call after hours on a Friday to help with troubleshooting and got me home for the weekend.”
“I was very impressed by how you adapted to handle COVID-19 with splitting the production shifts and working from home. The world needs more problem solvers like you guys to be safe and still get things done.”
“I just wanted to say thank you and point out how awesome it was to have a knowledgeable person to speak with. His name is Matt Frey and made my Q&A much more enjoyable. Have a great day and thank you.”
“​​​​​​​It means a lot to sell and service equipment made by a company that has so much pride and confidence in what they build. The two go hand in hand. The service after the sale is the best I have even seen in any product. Thanks for being such a great company!!”
“Kasco is the best company I have ever represented. From competitive pricing, forward thinking on products, fast shipment, excellent customer service, leadership, rep meetings, owning up to and fixing mistakes, and being simply genuinely nice people….that’s why I love you guys!”
“I love Kasco and their customer service. Some suppliers act like you are a bother when you call up and ask a question, but Kasco is the exact opposite and thanks me for my business and my call every time. The leads they provide are high quality and we close upwards of 90% of them.”
“The difference, in my opinion, between a great company and all the rest is exactly what you demonstrate; flexibility, a good sense of fairness, and generosity. These are among Kasco Marine’s great qualities and are nicely reflected through the decisions you and others in the company make.”
“Kasco is the easiest vendor to deal with within my category. You offer tremendous support, work well with us and your products are very dependable. Our customers find your units are very easy to install. If any issues do come up they are solved immediately and without hassle and to our satisfaction.”
“Just wanted to pass along a “Job Well Done” to your team. Hayden, has been extremely supportive as well as prompt. He is an example of how I appreciate my team when they take care of our customers. I have used your products for over 7 years and have always received exemplary support from the Kasco team.”
“Before my purchase, I had tons of questions. I always had a positive experience each time I contacted Kasco Marine. The representatives that I spoke with went above and beyond to assist me. They were knowledgeable, informative, and very helpful. In my opinion, Kasco Marine has top-notch customer service.”
“I am writing to let you know it has been a great pleasure to work with Hayden. I purchased one of your fountains and light kits back in 2013 and have had a few issues with it. Hayden made sure my issues were resolved. He was very efficient and helpful. It’s nice to know there is still companies that take pride in their products and service. Your service and support is appreciated.”
“Our company is a client of yours and our go-to person in Kasco is Matt Frey. I am writing this to say that we are very happy with his service. He is very knowledgeable, professional and helpful. The one factor that amazes me the most is his promptness in replying to our requests – everything is dealt within a timely manner. Thank you for managing to take such good care of our needs.”
“Please allow me to take a moment of your time to Thank You and the fine people at Kasco Marine for outstanding customer support and service. From the time I first walked in the door until our units were completed and back home everything about the entire process was nothing short of professional. It’s that kind of professionalism and customer service that makes your customers want to continue doing business with you.”
“After discussing my application with your people I felt Kasco was a quality organization. But in this day of what seems to be a growing consensus of ‘buyer beware’, I figured I was on my own with this problem. Your quick response and resolution is refreshing. I also want to let you know you have a fine dealer in my area. Prior to my purchase, the owner spent quite a bit of time with me showing the various models of Kasco fountains and aerators and explaining the differences. He made me feel very comfortable in my decision to go with the 2400AF model.”
“[...] From the moment I spoke with Mr. Matt Frey from Kasco customer service something felt a bit different. He was quick to reassure me that Kasco stands behind their products. Send it here and we will have it taken care of right away……What? [...] I was so impressed I went ahead and bought two Mahogany Nozzles for my two 3.1J pumps. I will be a part of the Kasco family for many years to come and I’m doing my absolute best to promote your company. Pat told me about much of the community work that Kasco is doing as well as the annual training. Just a word of encouragement. Your Companies efforts are Showing up!!!!”
“I realize that receiving a thank you note from someone is much rarer than complaints or problems, but my belief is that “every old dog needs a pat on the head” from time to time. Back last winter when we made the decision to push Kasco products over other suppliers and made the bulk order, you agreed to send us a demo model. Because of that demo model, we were able to sell, not 1 unit to a customer, which is our norm, but after Rachel took him down to the ponds and turned the unit on, he carried 4 units home with him. Thanks for your trust and support. Please share this note with all that would have an interest.”
“I have just spent the last 40 minutes on the phone with your sales representative, Dan, who was not only incredibly knowledgeable, but a fabulous teacher. Sometimes when I try to process technical information with which I’m not familiar, I am totally challenged. This time, Dan was able to SO successfully put things into understandable terms that I think I might even be able to teach my husband everything I learned today when he gets home from work. If his knowledge, professionalism and helpfulness are indicative of the quality of your product, then I am sure we will be very pleased when we make our product purchase. Thank you!”
“I would like to thank you so much for taking your time and sharing your knowledge. I received from you during our brief phone call more information than I received in the last six months on how to manage my pond and fish in a healthy ecosystem. The system I had purchased prior to speaking with you was not right for my pond. All though it was a well-made quality product, it just didn’t suit my specific needs. Your concern was so heart felt that you sent me at no charge a unit that works perfectly for me. This level of customer service that Kasco provides is unparalleled. I will definitely recommend to anyone that is interested the Kasco system, be it an aerator or fountain. Thank you again.
P.S. I’m certain that we’ll be speaking again.”
"This is the best customer service experience I have had on a product in quite a while so please pass along my congratulations to your team and leaders. I would want to know so what is great about it so hear are my thoughts:

- Quick response via email; typically companies want to call me which I don’t have time to deal with very quickly

- Comprehensive response to my issue instead of a boiler plate response including a solution first time responding

- Continued excellent follow-up introducing another member of your team”