Anchor Your Kasco Unit in Harsh Environments

Industrial Mounts

Kasco’s Industrial Mount allows units to be mounted on docks, pilings, and other waterfront property in harsh industrial environments.

Once installed, units can easily be lowered, angled and positioned in several orientations to provide proper water movement. Made with corrosion-resistant stainless steel parts, this mount will withstand the most demanding applications.

The Simple Swivel bracket provides easy rotation of the unit and ability to direct water flow to a desired area.

Uses a 1.5 in. / 40 mm nominal threaded or unthreaded pipe (supplied by the customer) maximum of 10 ft., and lag screws or bolts for mounting to dock.




Package Includes

Suitable in areas where there may be moving ice or strong currents.

Suitable in areas where there may be moving ice or strong currents.

  • Works with 1/2, 3/4, 1, and 2HP units
  • Mount on wall, piling, dock, or other structure
  • Several pre-drilled holes for multiple mounting options
  • Shoulder bolt near mixing unit allows for easy pipe and unit installation

Mounting brackets and hardware.

Unit and pipe are not included.

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Featured Product Testimonials

"Great fit. Multiple positions for the Kasco De-icer. Works great!"

- Gregory
"The mount works great, holds the deicer in place with no issues and was easy to assemble. I use mine with the 1/2hp model."

- Erik
"Super strong. Bought for my unit used to remove the weeds. Amazing!"

- Shane