Smell Ya Never! How to Prevent a Smelly Pond or Lake Shorefront

Keep Your Shorefront Smelling and Looking Great with AquatiClear by Kasco – the First & Only Clog-Resistant Circulator

Prevent a Smelly Pond

Who wouldn’t want to kick back with a cool beverage and watch the summer sun go down from their own dock? Imagine a sky shifting to shades of orange, purple, and red as a loon calls in the distance. The heat from the day is fading, and a cool breeze brings a scent of… stagnant water and rotting detritus. Without a source of circulation, water near your dock can quickly become smelly and full of unsightly debris like floating weeds and algae. Kasco’s newest water quality management solution ensures your evening relaxation won’t be ruined by a smelly pond or lake shorefront.

The Problem

Stagnant water around your waterfront property can cause all sorts of headaches beyond ruining a relaxing evening. When the waves from the midday winds calm, you may be left with piles of floating vegetation, dead fish, or maybe bottles and cans that blew out of the party barge that whizzed by earlier. All of this can impact the health of your water and the experience of being near it.

Smelly Pond Problems

The Solution: AquatiClear By Kasco

AquatiClear by Kasco provides the easiest, most effective way to get water moving and to keep it clean all day. Once it’s in the water, AquatiClear gets right to work, quickly circulating to clear away matter and debris at the surface. Floating weeds, dead fish, and other unwanted sights and smells float away on a current that you control, creating an area of clean, healthy water around your property.

Aquaticlear by Kasco


Clean Current Technology (patented) drives AquatiClear’s unmatched ability to run continuously without clogging or varying in performance. Circulators often fail because of the very thing they were designed to do: pull water in and push water out. When the water brings weeds, leaves, and trash toward the circulator, these things can get caught in the equipment and cause frequent clogs. But this stuff slips right by the rounded tines of AquatiClear’s unique crown-like prop guard. Not only does this mean less downtime and better performance; it means you won’t be out there cleaning stinky debris from the equipment when you could be enjoying the sunset.

Don’t let unwanted sights and smells ruin your waterfront experience. Let AquatiClear by Kasco take care of your water so you can take a relaxing breath and keep your eyes on the sunset.

Clean Water Aquaticlear

Learn more about AquatiClear Circulators by visiting its webpage, or find your closest Kasco dealer online.