Kasco Introduces AquatiClear Circulator with Clog-Resistant Technology

A Waterfront Management Solution to Keep Shorelines Clean & Beautiful

Kasco is excited to introduce AquatiClear by Kasco, the industry’s first and only clog-resistant circulator designed to keep water near docks and shorelines clean and beautiful.

AquatiClear by Kasco is a water circulator reimagined. This clog-resistant waterfront management tool produces continuous water movement, keeping areas around docks, marinas, canals, and other targeted areas clear of algae, floating debris, and foul odors.

Aquaticlear by Kasco

“We’re thrilled to offer our customers a solution to keeping their waterfront property clean and inviting,” said Kasco Sales Manager, Joe Holz. “Being clog-resistant will really simplify a property owner’s life and make living on the water enjoyable again.”

Utilizing Kasco’s patented Clean Current Technology, AquatiClear features a composite prop guard with a crown-like design that lets weeds, algae and other debris simply slip off rather than wrap around the motor shaft, prop, or prop guard. This allows for maintenance-free, reliable operation and lets the unit do what it does best: keep water clean and beautiful.

Kasco Aquaticlear Circulator AquatiClear Circulator using the Horizontal Float Kit, quickly pushing away debris

Aquaticlear Circulator Universal Mount AquatiClear Circulator using the Universal Mount kit below the surface

Designed and built to perform in a variety of applications, from lakefront property to saltwater environments, AquatiClear will clean and clear the water around shorelines and property within minutes of installation and is the most reliable and trouble-free circulator on the market.

Read more about AquatiClear Circulators and water quality on our blog, or visit our YouTube Channel to see AquatiClear in action.

AquatiClear Circulators are now available through Kasco’s worldwide distribution network. Visit the Find a Dealer tool on our website to find the closest dealer to you, or contact Kasco at 715-262-4488 or sales@kascomarine.com for more information.