Kasco De-Icers Aren’t Just for Winter

Tips for Storing De-Icer

Using de-icers in the winter to circulate warm bottom water to the surface can be the most effective way of preventing ice formation and protecting boats and docks. But you don’t need to retire your de-icer for the season when the leaves start budding out. De-icers and Water Circulators are often your best bet for protecting your boats, docks, and waterfront property during summer months, too.

Water sports, cocktail cruises, or just kicking back and enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of life on the water are some of the best things summer has to offer. Unfortunately, those sites and smells can be ruined by the unwanted congregation of trash, debris and floating plants. It is inevitable that tides, currents and the wind are going to funnel bottles, floating grass, algae and anything else left in the water toward your little slice of heaven. The fastest and easiest way to combat this is with a Kasco De-icer or Water Circulator.

By creating an artificial surface current, you can quickly and easily push accumulated floating debris to areas downstream or where they can easily be removed. Once existing debris is under control, the simple-to-use design allows you to aim and/or relocate circulators to areas to prevent new debris from entering, like the mouth of your marina, cove or bay. The moving water will not only make it easier to remove existing debris and prevent new floating pests from arriving, it can also eliminate the stagnant water areas where algae and bad smells like to call home.

Whether you need to protect your property during the winter or want to eliminate and prevent debris and foul odors from around your waterfront property or both, Kasco De-icers and Water Circulators are the fastest, easiest, and least expensive way to solve the problem and allow you to get back to enjoying your summer.