Kasco Launches New Imaging Program

Kasco New Imaging Program

Kasco is excited to announce the launch of the redesigned imaging tool, Virtual Product Viewer.

The program, located in the resources section of Kasco’s website, features a simple-to-use layout with easy, step-by-step instructions. This updated interface allows users to upload an image of their pond or water area and superimpose an image of a Kasco unit. The user can then experiment with different unit varieties, fountain patterns, and even display sizes. After inserting the desired unit, users can then easily download their created image.

Kasco’s Virtual Product Viewer is designed to assist Kasco distributors, dealers and end-users alike to visualize what Kasco units will look like in their water areas. The program is especially helpful in the decision-making process, to ensure customers will know exactly what the unit will look like after installation. We’re excited to offer this improved version of our imaging program as it adds another level to our superior customer service.

Try Kasco’s Virtual Product Viewer!