Kasco Redesigns Robust-Aire Diffuser

By: Kasco Staff | Aug. 23, 2018

Historically, the Kasco Robust-Aire diffuser system has provided the best flow rates in the industry, and delivered unmatched efficiency with virtually no diffuser head maintenance required. This being said, we are always striving for improvement, so we asked you – our distributors – how we could make your lives easier and more profitable. The answers were nearly unanimous; save us time and money! Specifically, give us a self-weighted base, easier strain relief, and smaller packaging. So…we did it!

This new design uses an easy to assemble, self-weighted, stainless steel base that lands upright more often than a cat! NO PEA GRAVEL is needed to fill the base, and the built-in strain relief is infinitely easier to use. With no hardware required, it provides the same holding strength as the previous bolt-on design. For lined pond protection, each diffuser comes equipped with custom edge guards. As for installing, we dare you to get it to land upside down. It doesn’t. We’ve tried (and tried, and tried).

The diffuser tubing size, height, spacing, and shape have not changed, so you can expect the same benefits in efficiency that you’ve come to trust in the current design. It does, however, speed up field assembly and installation.


Another benefit, for jobs large and small, is the packaging. The smaller footprint and minimal assembly allow each diffuser to fit into a box that is 86% smaller than the size of the current diffuser head packaging. This means lower freight costs, easier transport to job sites, more systems per pallet, and less warehouse space required for stocking. It also means less cardboard to dispose of at the end of a job.

The new box will be only 16 in. x 10 in. x 5 in., weighs 9 lbs ., and can fit 120 per pallet . For comparison, the current diffuser is 25 in. x 21 in. x 11 in. and 12 lbs., while only fitting 20 per pallet!


The new diffuser heads will be arriving on orders starting mid-August. This will be a running change. The new design will not affect diffuser head pricing, system pricing, or part numbers. Once we start shipping, the old design will no longer be available. The updated diffuser heads can easily be integrated into older systems with no issue or difference in performance.

Get ready for the best efficiency on the market to now be one of the fastest and easiest systems to install, all while saving money on freight.

Watch how fast and easy the the new diffusers are assembled in a race against the clock in this video.

To learn more visit the Robust-Aire™ product page.