Kasco Grants A Child’s Wish

In May 2016, Make-A-Wish of Vermont contacted Kasco to help grant the wish of a little boy named Asa. He wanted to be able to swim in his family’s pond. He also wanted it to be hospitable for frogs. We were thrilled with the opportunity to be a part of helping to make this wish come true.

In speaking with the contractor working on the property, we learned that the pond was relatively small but deep enough to utilize our smallest size Robust Aire diffuser. With the use of compressed air as an energy source, it was an ideal solution to accommodate a swimming hole application because there is no introduction of electrical current into the water.

To start the process, Macro-zyme, beneficial bacteria was added to the water to help speed up the decomposition of organic materials in the water. And then the Robust-Aire diffuser was dropped into the water. In what seemed like no time, the water was clear for swimming and safe for frogs to make their homes.

We like to think that we helped add some fun into summer for Asa and his family. Check out the video for the story of how we helped to clean the pond.