Kasco Redesigns 3/4 & 1HP J Series Fountains

Kasco New 4400 Linden RGB

New for 2019, Kasco has redesigned the 3/4 and 1HP J Series fountains. We have enhanced the housing, impeller, and nozzles to create an even better product. Both flow rate AND pattern size have been improved without increasing amp draw. Assembly, as well as nozzle changes, are faster and easier!

Using advanced engineering design tools, our team was able to significantly increase fountain performance. This dramatically improves aesthetic appeal without increasing operating costs or fountain pricing – in fact, we’re passing along a cost savings to you of up to 24% on the 1HP fountain (depending on cord length). Existing 3/4 and 1HP J Series fountains can easily be updated to the new design with optional conversion kits.

All redesigned 3/4 & 1HP J Series fountains carry a 2-year warranty and will be available starting April 1st, 2019.

New 1HP Linden Pattern
See the performance difference of old vs new along with all the updated pattern options in action in this YouTube video!

Kasco J Series Fountains

Kasco J Series decorative fountains provide versatility, performance, and reliability. Ranging from 3/4HP to 7.5HP, there is a J Series fountain perfect for any size pond or lake. Our corrosion and clog resistant technology offers dependability that is unparalleled in the current marketplace. J Series decorative fountains come as a complete package with motor, float, mooring lines, multiple nozzles and power cord all included in the price.

In addition, we offer a set of premium nozzles for the 2HP and larger J Series fountains available for purchase separately. These stunning premium nozzles come in Madrone, Magnolia, Mahogany, and Palm patterns.

For questions, or additional information please contact the Kasco team at support@kascomarine.com or call us at 715.262.4488.

Kasco New 4400 Willow RGB

Kasco New 4400 Cypress RGB