What Separates Macro-Zyme™­ From the Rest?

There are only so many types of bacteria that work in pond environments.  These strains that work the best in these environments are typically blended into bacteria products.

So, why is Macro-Zyme™ the best choice for you?

Reason #1 – CFU Count

Bacteria is counted in Colony Forming Units or CFU’s.  This is the count of actual bacteria in a given weight of bacteria product.  Macro-Zyme™ has an extremely high bacteria count of over 3 billion CFU’s per gram of product.  That’s over 3 trillion CFU’s per lbs.  Macro-Zyme ™ has up to 6 times the amount of actual productive bacteria as some of the top competitors in the market.  The more CFU’s, the faster and more complete decomposition of organic matter you will see.

Reason #2 – Facultative Anaerobic Bacteria

Macro-Zyme ™ is a Facultative Anaerobe style bacteria.  This means it works with or without the presence of oxygen.  This is very important as most ponds and the muck in the bottom of the ponds will have areas of good oxygen and areas of very low or no oxygen.  Macro-Zyme ™ will work in both.  However, when oxygen is present and in good supply, Macro-Zyme ™ will work up to 5 times faster than it would without oxygen.  That is why it is most effective with the use of an aerator.

Reason #3 – No Yeast

Yeast is an extremely inexpensive bacteria to grow.  Due to its very low cost to make, it is often used in many pond bacteria products to artificially boost their CFU counts.  However, it does absolutely nothing in your pond.  All it is, is a filler in the bacteria product and a way to show higher CFU’s without really giving you the proper bacteria that will do the job that is needed in your pond.  Macro-Zyme ™ uses NO YEAST and therefore, our counts of 3 billion CFU’s per gram are purely CFU’s of muck busting, pond loving bacteria.