At Kasco, we help people realize the full potential of water in their world.

How Can We Help?

Our innovative water quality products are the most efficient and effective solutions for keeping water in motion. We promote thriving ponds and lakes, pristine marinas and waterfronts, and safe, healthy communities for years to come.

Unmatched Customer Service

Superior customer service is in our DNA. From design and development to delivery and support, we provide an unwavering commitment to our customers.

Featured Products

We design and engineer premiere quality fountains, aeration systems, circulators, de-icers, and municipal tank mixing systems that revitalize water and endure the test of time.

AquatiClear Circulators

Keep water near docks, canals, and shorelines free of floating debris and foul odors with AquatiClear by Kasco.

Support from Start to Finish

Kasco doesn't just provide the best performing, most reliable fountains in the industry. We go a step further and walk hand-in-hand with you to ensure superior support. From opening the box to installation and to turning the fountain on for the first time, our team works diligently to ensure you have a great experience from start to finish, and every moment in between.


"der Unterschied, meiner Meinung nach, zwischen einem großen Unternehmen und der ganze Rest ist genau das, was Sie demonstrieren; Flexibilität, ein gutes Gefühl der Fairness und Großzügigkeit. Diese gehören zu den großen Qualitäten von Kasco Marine und spiegeln sich gut durch die Entscheidungen wider, die Sie und andere im Unternehmen treffen. "

“As always, the staff at Kasco has been great to work with – from order placement to repairs, they have the answers you’re looking for with quick turnaround to boot! Keep up the good work.”

"KASCO ist das beste Unternehmen, das ich je vertreten habe. Von wettbewerbsfähigen Preisen, Forward thinking auf Produkte, schnelle Lieferung, exzellenten Kundenservice, Führung, Rep Meetings, besitzen bis zu und Behebung von Fehlern, und als einfach wirklich nette Leute.... das ist, warum ich dich liebe Jungs!