Kasco De-icers

The #1 Performing De-icing Solution

Keep Damaging Ice Away

Protect your dock and boat from ice build-up and damage with the #1 selling, best-performing de-icing solution. By pulling warmer water up from the bottom, ice is cleared away at the surface and prevented from re-forming.

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Protect Your Dock & Boat
from Ice Damage

By pushing warmer water up, Kasco’s De-icers create an opening at the water’s surface, keeping boats and docks safe from damaging ice buildup.

Available in 1/2, 3/4 and 1HP sizes, Kasco’s De-icers create more thrust than any other product on the market. This means more open water and more protection for your property. Dock mount kits and automatic controllers are available separately.

  • Easy to order and install
  • Several mounting options
  • 3-year warranty

It is recommended that the de-icer is 4 – 6 ft. below the surface.

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Thrust - What Does it Mean?

Kasco de-icers create more thrust than any other unit on the market. But what is thrust exactly and what does it mean for preventing ice near your boat or dock? Read our blog to learn more.

What Do Others Think?

"We couldn't be any more thrilled with the product!! The unit far exceeds our expectations and it makes life SO much easier, no more removing the floating docks every year!!"

- Ron
"We are a private marina with a public boat launch. We use Kasco De-icers during the winter to both circulate water and to keep our harbors de-iced. It's a very high quality product and super reliable."

- Jim
"This is a high quality reliable product at a reasonable price. This is my second Kasco Marine pump. The first one lasted 15 years running approximately 8 hours daily for 8 months. Definitely recommend."

- Charlie

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