Innovative Airflow Technology Now Available in Mid-Sized Compressor Cabinet

Press Release | RobustAire™ Diffused Aeration | May 24, 2023

Cooler Compressors and Cleaner Cabinet Interiors Now Available for Medium RobustAire™ Diffused Aeration Systems

Front of Robust-Aire Medium Size Cabinet

Introducing Kasco’s RobustAire™ Medium Sized Cabinet

Prescott, Wis. [May 1, 2023] – Kasco introduces the second compressor cabinet in our RobustAire™ product offering to utilize patented AireGuard Cabinet Technology. These newly designed Medium Cabinets provide innovative airflow as well as additional filtering for cooler, cleaner air. These systems are best suited for mid-sized ponds and lakes.

Kasco’s new RobustAire Medium Cabinets follow in the footsteps of our largest-ever compressor cabinets introduced in Spring of 2022. Designed for ease of use and optimal performance, these new Medium Cabinets offer the same benefits available from our Large Cabinets to a wider customer base. Both cabinet sizes offer a sleek new look with a paint color that blends with the environment. Additionally, they feature external maintenance indicators, easy-to-remove panels for maintenance, and quiet operation. But the heart of these new systems is the AireGuard Cabinet technology. This technology allows compressors to stay cooler and cabinet interiors to stay cleaner.


What is AireGuard Cabinet Technology?

AireGuard Cabinet Technology tackles the biggest stressors on compressor operation: heat and dust. This approach allows air to immediately pass through an external filtration layer that removes excess dust and debris. Powerful fans then pull this clean air through the compressor, instead of across it. Due to this, the compressor is able to stay much cooler and operate at extreme efficiency. The dual-action filtering and air movement acts as a safeguard for the compressor motor and entire diffused aeration system. As a result, RobustAire is able to provide a steady source of mixing and movement to the water.

Compressor heat with (left) and without (right) AireGuard Cabinet Technology

Kasco Aire Guard Technology

“The efficiency and performance offered by AireGuard Cabinet Technology wasn’t something we wanted to keep for just large-scale, commercial installations,” says Kasco’s Director of Sales, Joe Holz. “We’re so excited to offer this technology in a medium-sized cabinet for those with smaller bodies of water so they can also experience a long-lasting, easy-to-maintain source of aeration.”

RobustAire Medium Cabinets operate between 4 and 6 diffuser assemblies, and Large Cabinets operate between 7 and 12, all from just one cabinet. Both cabinet sizes are available through Kasco’s worldwide distribution network. Visit to find the distributor closest to you or call 715-262-4488 for more information.

Back of Robust-Aire Medium Size Cabinet



Robust-Aire™ systems provide great aeration benefits in depths of 8 ft. or greater. A shore-mounted compressor pushes air through self-weighted lines to a dual-loop diffuser on the bottom of a pond, lake, or tank. This beneficial mixing increases oxygen transfer as well as improves water quality to eliminate thermal and chemical stratification, expand fish habitat, and more.


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