The Non-Enthusiast Pond Owner

The Non-Enthusiast Pond Owner

You may have heard it before, or even said it: “I don’t raise fish, and am not a pond enthusiast. So why should I care for my pond or build one?”

To those who do enjoy the benefits of a healthy pond, this question may be shocking. But truth be told, Kasco Marine values your position and enjoys the educational responsibility that comes with being a leader in our industry. Therefore, we decided to offer some insight as to why this can be important, even if pond care ranks very low on your “to-do-list.”

Aesthetics can be a great reason to take interest in the care of your pond or increase your desire to build one. Colorful fish, healthy plants, and clean water are not only pleasing to the eye, but can set the stage for a nice, comfortable and relaxing environment. Throw in a beautiful Kasco fountain complete with lighting, and enjoy your “me-time” by the pond, even at night. Still not convinced? There’s more!

Have you ever enjoyed the sound of a waterfall, birds and wildlife, or a storm? The serenity and auditory appeal that these everyday aspects of nature envoke is truly remarkable. Adding a fountain or aerator not only re-creates the waterfall sound, but can also create white-noise that is helpful in blocking out the sound of nearby traffic, a neighbor’s lawn mower, etc.

How about added comfort during those hot summertime months?

A pond can have a natural “air conditioning” effect to your property. The process of evaporation at the ponds surface reduces heat and cools nearby areas. This “air conditioning” effect is most useful when temperatures are high and humidity is low. If your house is relatively close to your pond, it may also bring down electrial costs due to cooling your home.

Also, nearby gardens can benefit from neighboring ponds as the pond can act as a self-sustaining source of hydration through the groundwater surrounding it, potentially cutting out time from tedious watering during dry months. Furthermore, as your garden enjoys the soil moisture from the surrounding pond, you save money on water usage by not having to pump quite as much through the yard hose. And while we are on the topic of gardens, the sludge and plant waste collected at the edge of your pond can come in handy as a natural fertilizer. The use of this natural fertilizer carries a dual benefit as it can also be used on your yard, reducing oversaturation of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

You might also want to consider the time and fuel it takes to mow your lawn. By building a pond, you have reduced both time commitment and fuel cost.

Lastly, consider the value you add to your property through the addition of a healthy pond. If you ever choose to sell your home, you may find a buyer who is the pond enthusiast we mentioned earlier. Much like building an addition to your house or re-doing your flooring, a pond will add value that wasn’t attached to the property when you bought it.

Becoming a pond owner is not without its fair share of responsibilities though. Poor upkeep, improper usage, and general disregard may bring you more problems then you signed on for. So be sure to put some good thought into it, and ask yourself if you will have time, money and resources to manage a healthy pond.

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