What Do Pond Probiotics Do and How Do They Work?

By: Kasco Staff | Originally Posted: Dec. 30, 2013 | Updated: Feb. 15, 2022

Pond Probiotics are an extremely high concentration of facultative anaerobic bacteria. They rapidly reproduce and consume organic matter on the pond bottom. In proper temperature (55° F and up) and pH (5.5-8.5) conditions, the bacteria counts will double every 15 minutes.

Kasco Pond Probiotics

These large counts of bacteria immediately go to work, consuming organic materials. They eat carbons, fats, starches, proteins, and cellulose materials. In real world examples, this equates to animal waste, grass clippings, leaves, petroleum products, etc. Essentially, anything organic in nature that has carbon in it, these bacteria will attack.

Through the decomposition process, 50-80% of the organic material is being turned into CO2 and is vented off into the atmosphere. Ultimately, this leaves your pond with less muck and a healthier environment.

Benefits of Pond Probiotics

Hydrogen sulfide is the typical foul pond odor most people experience with their pond. It can slowly bubble up from mucky areas in your pond and it creates a rotten egg smell when you disturb the muck. Pond Probiotics quickly eliminate the smell, therefore, making the water more hospitable to your fish and other living organisms.

In addition to foul odors, the benefits of Pond Probiotics include:

  • Reduces BOD (biological oxygen demand)
  • Decreases nutrients available for aquatic plant growth
  • Reduces DOC (dissolved organic carbons)
  • Reduces hydrocarbon waste
  • Increases available oxygen levels
  • Increases clarity
  • Safe for pets, fish, and wildlife
  • Does not require state or EPA registrations

Kukje Pond Before and After

Where to Use Pond Probiotics

Ideal applications for Pond Probiotics are residential, backyard ponds, retention ponds, industrial ponds, wastewater lagoons, natural lakes and ponds, etc. However, the only application where they are not recommended is in newly constructed or dug ponds with very little to no organic matter.

All in all, Pond Probiotics are a great tool to keep your pond and lake looking and smelling great. Contact us to learn more.

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