Industrial Dock Mount Redesign

Kasco Robust-Aire-Industrial Dock Mount Installed

This redesigned industrial mount kit is still made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel, but now incorporates a double shear design that is substantially stronger. It’s built to withstand even the most demanding industrial and harsh environments.

The industrial dock mount kit (243484) accommodates up to a 2HP unit, and a 1.5 inch (38mm) threaded or non-threaded pipe (NOTE: Pipe not included. We recommend the addition of a safety stop on top of the pipe. For 1.5 NPT threaded pipe, Kasco offers a pipe coupling 997161 as an optional add-on for use as a stop).

The submerged parts kit (243432) will also accommodate a 1 inch diameter pipe. This kit can be used for customers wishing to upgrade their existing universal dock mount, without the hassle of changing the pipe or upper bracket components.