De-icer vs. AquatiClear

By: Joe Holz, Director of Sales | Published: October 16, 2023

Earth Day 2022

As the seasons change, the unique challenges pond and lake owners face shift as well. Winter brings ice-covered water which can be detrimental to both your in-water properties and the aquatic ecosystem beneath the surface. Alternatively, summer brings on a different set of concerns such as unwanted floating materials collecting on your shoreline. Although water movement is the key to solving these common water quality problems, the approach varies depending on the desired outcome. In this article, we will dive into two water quality management tools, De-icers and AquatiClearTM Circulators and explore the differences between them.

Cage or Crown

While De-icers and AquatiClear Circulators share some similarities, there are distinct differences between them. The biggest difference is their physical design. De-icers feature a metal cage around the prop, whereas AquatiClear units come equipped with a crown-shaped prop guard with smooth, rounded tines that allow floating debris to slip by instead of clog. AquatiClear’s prop guard is constructed with a composite material making it less than ideal for applications where ice is a factor. Based on these structural differences, we suggest using a De-icer in the winter where clogging is less of a concern, and using an AquatiClear in the summer where weed-related issues are more present.


Installation Orientation

Another way these two differ is in the orientation of the unit when installed. De-icers are designed to pull warm, bottom water up to the surface to create an opening in the ice. To do this, the unit needs to be positioned vertically or at a slight angle using mooring ropes or a Universal Dock Mount. AquatiClear units create a directional flow that pushes away nearby floating plants, debris, and algae. In this case, the unit should be secured horizontally or with a slight upward angle using a Horizontal Float or Universal dock mount.

Area of Influence

Lastly, even though both units are engineered to tackle problems at the water’s surface, that does not mean their area of influence is the same. AquatiClear Circulators provide consistent coverage under normal conditions unless there is an obstruction in the water. The area of influence directly correlates with the size of the unit, with higher horsepower resulting in a larger overall surface area covered. On the other hand, the expanse of open water when using De-icers is directly affected by factors such as air temperature, water temperature, and water depth.

Horizontal AquatiClear Area of Influence

Overall, De-icers and AquatiClear Circulators have distinct features that make them suitable for specific applications. While De-icers aid in combating ice-related issues, AquatiClear units address summer weed and debris challenges. Selecting the right tool for the season will allow pond and lake owners to effectively maintain the water quality of their aquatic environment throughout the year.


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