J Series and VFX Series FAQs: A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Perfect Fountain

By: Joe Holz, Director of Sales | Published: March 6, 2024

At Kasco, we understand selecting a fountain can be a difficult choice. While both of our fountain offerings, the J Series and VFX Series, offer visually appealing displays and aeration benefits, they perform better in different aspects. This is why it is important to establish your priorities and goals before making a decision. By understanding your specific needs and preferences, you can confidently choose the fountain that best suits your pond’s requirements. In this guide, we will walk through some things to consider to help you make an informed choice, ensuring you find the perfect fountain for your pond.

What are the main differences between the J Series and VFX Series Fountains?

The main differences between J Series and VFX Series fountains are their pattern displays and intended use. Customers typically choose the J Series when they want eye-catching patterns. Each J Series fountain comes with a standard set of nozzles, making them best known for having several interchangeable displays that offer large and dramatic patterns. Kasco also offers additional Premium Nozzles that can be purchased separately, providing a wide range of display options.

On the other hand, customers choose the VFX Series when equally prioritizing both aeration benefits and visual appeal. The VFX Series features a V-shaped display that functions as a hybrid fountain and aerator. While it only offers a single pattern, it offers an effective mix of high-water flow for aeration capabilities and a classic look.

Which fountain would be best in my backyard pond? It’s pretty small; would both be able to fit?

Determining the ideal fountain for your backyard pond depends on what goals you are trying to accomplish. Both J Series and VFX Series fountains can deliver positive results in terms of pond health and aeration, but each series requires a different horsepower (HP) to achieve those objectives. The VFX Series requires a smaller HP size to effectively mix and aerate a pond compared to the J Series. However, choosing the VFX Series means compromising on multiple display options and size.

Kasco offers multiple HP sizes of each style fountain to fit virtually any application. The J Series fountain is available in 3/4, 1, 2, 3, 5, and 7.5HP units and the VFX Series fountain is available in 1/2, 3/4, 1, 2, and 5HP units.

Can I change the pattern display on both fountains?

Unfortunately, only the J Series allows for pattern changes giving you the freedom to customize your display based on your preference or the occasion. Although the VFX Series only offers one pattern display, it provides a consistent and timeless aesthetic. However, if you prioritize the ability to change patterns, the J Series would be your preferred choice.

Does either fountain require more maintenance than the other?

In terms of routine maintenance, both fountains require similar levels of care. However, if your pond has a lot of weeds and debris, you may find that the J Series is more susceptible to
clogging. The VFX Series has larger openings where the water dispenses, making it less likely to clog in environments that accumulate more debris.

How do I know what size/HP is best for my pond?

Every pond is different when it comes to determining which horsepower to use as it depends on your specific goals and the size of your pond. If you are looking for aeration to enhance water quality, a general rule of thumb is to use around 2HP per acre for the VFX Series and around 3HP per acre for the J Series. However, if you are looking to enhance the visual appeal with displays, the size of the fountain can be based on the dimensions of your pond and your budget.

How does a fountain that provides aeration and water quality benefits differ from a purely decorative one?

Although all fountains will provide some aeration and water quality benefits, the efficiency varies. The J Series requires more electrical input for the display aspect, resulting in lower efficiency for aeration compared to the VFX Series. So, if your objective is to maximize aeration, the VFX Series would be the most efficient and effective choice.

Will the fountain’s aeration help reduce algae growth and improve overall water clarity in my backyard pond or water feature?

Aeration will help bring a pond back into balance and improve water quality. This can result in fewer foul odors, clearer and cleaner water, and create an environment that is not as conducive to some common pond problems like algae and weeds. However, it will not kill plants or eliminate or prevent unwanted weeds. Its overall function is to enhance the quality of the water and restore the balance of the ecosystem.

Can a fountain that offers aeration still maintain a visually appealing display?

Yes! The VFX Series combines a classic fountain shape with effective aeration, maintaining the visual appeal and functionality. You can also “upsize” a J Series for larger displays while still providing sufficient aeration to your pond.

Does it cost anything different to run a J Series or VFX Series?

The operating costs between the J Series and VFX Series are nearly the same when considering cost per horsepower. The amperage for each style is relatively consistent between horsepower rating, making the difference in running costs between them negligible.

My pond experiences a lot of falling leaves, grass clippings, and aquatic weed growth. Would the J Series or VFX Series be better for me?

With that much “debris” in the pond, the VFX Series may be a better choice. Its design is better suited to handle debris, reducing the likelihood of clogging and providing more aeration.

Will either fountain impact the wildlife and plants in my backyard pond?

Both fountains positively impact the pond environment, contributing to its overall health. There likely would not be a dramatic change in wildlife or plants unless other treatments are used.

Overall, when choosing between fountains, it is important to have a clear understanding of your goals and prioritize them accordingly. If an impressive display is your top priority, the J Series is likely the best choice. However, if you value both display and effective aeration, especially in ponds that have a lot of debris, the VFX Series would be a great option. While both fountains will provide an aesthetic appeal and aeration, each excels in slightly different areas.

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