Projekt för ombyggnad av Office

Kasco Marine, a leading manufacturer of aeration, fountain, de-icing and water-mixing solutions, broke groundKasco-Marine-buidling beginning a remodeling project.

This remodeling effort comes as a result of Kasco’s continued growth and expansion and will provide a more integrated and collaborative layout of offices
and work stations. With the addition of several new employees, the newly remodeled space will provide a more open layout to improve upon the functionality and work flow of Kasco’s already large office area. Plans also include a new lunch room and a formal meeting space that will be equipped with advanced technology for training and communication.

“This remodel shows we’re growing as a company and are continuing to invest in our employees, facilities, and products,” said President Ray Lee. “We need a more sustainable office area to support our rapid growth over the last few years and our continued growth in the future, and this project is an exciting step in the right direction.”

Nearly 50 years ago, Kasco Marine was founded by Bill and Bert Skluzacek in their home’s garage. As the company began to grow, its headquarters was moved to Lakeland, Minn. in 1987 where it stayed for 12 years. Then in 1999, Kasco moved to its current location in Prescott, Wis. In 2013, Kasco completed an expansion project on its Prescott, Wis. facilities to add a 20,000 square foot warehouse to make more room for increased finished-goods inventory and multiple state-of-the-art testing areas.

Visit Kasco’s Facebook page for photos of the remodeling project’s progression.