Featured Install: Texas Detention Pond

In 2016, we got a call from a commercial developer in Texas who had several of our fountains already installed on his property.  There was another 1 ½ – 2 acre detention pond on the back of his property covered in floating algae, and he was getting complaints from his tenants about the “ugly” water.  The pond was significantly covered in floating algae and quite unsightly.  The developer’s goal was simple, he needed a clear, clean surface for his customers.

We discussed a fountain, but he was not ready to add that yet.  There were more phases to be built on the property and he wanted to wait until fully developed before installing a fountain.  The pond was also 15-20 ft. below grade.  Even if he did add a fountain, it would have to be a large HP and only be visible when you were close to the pond.  This would not add the value he wanted.

Being a detention pond means there is a regular addition of pollutant load from rain events, fluctuating levels, and constantly changing water composition.  We determined that improving the water quality would involve several aspects of treatment.  We recommended a Cirkulator for water flow as certain species of algae and aquatic weeds do not thrive in a current, Surface luftare to add in oxygen to augment aerobic biological activity, Macro-Zyme™ to organically digest sludge to limit buildup of muck on the bottom of the pond and AquaRenew Dye to limit light penetration.

In just 4 days, the pond surface was clear, the water was a dark blue color and the tenants were happy.  Although fountains are an effective way to enhance the aesthetic value of a pond and draw attention to your property, Kasco’s circulators, surface aerators, beneficial bacteria and dye are also effective ways of enhancing your ponds appearance and increasing your property value.


Texas Detention Pond Before


Texas Detention Pond After