Preparing Your Pond for Winter

November 13, 2017

Help your pond through the winter by using our 5 winter pond care tips. Removing debris and removing your aeration unit are just a few steps you can take.

Clean Your Air Compressor Filter

November 12, 2017

Taking steps to keep your air compressor filter clean will help your Teich-Aire™ air compressor running all season long. Read our blog to learn more.

Deeper Diffusers Perform Better

November 3, 2017

As a general rule, the deeper your diffusers are placed in your water the better. This allows the system to move more water and increase oxygen introduced.

Kasco Participates in Prescott HS Science Night

April 14, 2017

Community Engagement Opportunity Let’s Kasco Talk Science to Students

Kasco Limits Shipping Dec. 23 – Jan. 2

December 7, 2016

Please be advised that we have a planned partial shut-down of our operations beginning mid-morning Dec. 23rd, lasting until Tuesday, Jan 3rd. We want to make sure we provided you enough time to your plan orders accordingly. We will continue to ship our stocked products in common sizes and configurations, but will not be able […]

Kasco Hires Engineer, Travis Hilden

October 6, 2016

Kasco Marine is excited to welcome Travis Hilden, Mechanical Design Engineer, to their engineering team.

Keep Your Feathered Friends Safe

February 22, 2016

De-icing is not just for the protection of property like boats, piers, or docks. It’s also not just for winterkill prevention for the fish in your pond. De-icing can also be used to protect your feathered friends, like these swans. (photo courtesy of Iowa State Extension office). Using a RobustAire system to keep strategically located […]

Office Remodeling Project

October 21, 2014

Kasco, a leading manufacturer of aeration, fountain, de-icing & water-mixing solutions, broke ground to begin a remodeling project.