Aeration Equipment Purchase Criteria

Each pond, lake, or body of water is unique and not each method or application of aeration will work in each pond. It is important to talk to someone who has experience and knowledge of aeration devices to help decide which method is best for you. Often times, situations vary by geographic region, so talking with a local pond management expert is very helpful. Below are a few items to consider when purchasing aeration devices.

Maintenance – How much work are you going to have to do to keep this running properly?

Safety – Many of these devices have electricity in the water. Make sure to check all safety recommendations and buy equipment that is approved by organizations such as UL, CSA, or ETL.

Simple – Some devices can be very difficult to use and time consuming to assemble and install. Make sure you know what you are getting into.

Timing – Check with your supplier of the aeration device on lead times for equipment. Some equipment can include substantial lead times which could cause problems when your fish and pond need aeration badly.

Support & Assistance – Choosing an aeration device from a company that provides knowledgeable and helpful information on CORRECT sizing, maintenance, technical support, etc. is a major benefit when deciding on aeration.

Costs – Some equipment can be quite costly, not only with initial purchase, but operating costs. Make sure you budget properly and find out how much the equipment will cost to buy and operate.