Kasco Introduces Lift Station Agitator for Wastewater Treatment Process

Kasco News | Aug. 28, 2023

Break of F.O.G. Layers, Prevent Build-up, and Reduce Downtime and Maintenance Costs with HydraForce by Kasco

Kasco is excited to introduce HydraForce, a new product line for tackling common wastewater problems. Capitalizing on the design of our proven diffused aeration product offering, we have engineered a revolutionary mixing system adapted for the wastewater industry, the Lift Station Agitator.

Fat, oil, and grease (F.O.G) from problematic waste streams (restaurants, food processing plants, breweries, etc.) can accumulate in lift stations causing blockage caps and corrosive buildup. This formation of F.O.G. can be detrimental to equipment as it can clog the flow of water, create foul odors, and increase maintenance requirements.

The HydraForce Lift Station Agitator continuously mixes F.O.G., making it an effective way to reduce and eliminate blockage issues. These mixing systems include a mounted compressor that forces air through tubing lines to a suspended dual-loop diffuser. This diffuser creates a constant, upward flow of air bubbles that breaks up material and prevents it from forming blockages. By adding a source of continuous mixing, solids are kept in suspension, water is allowed to flow freely onto the wastewater treatment plant, and downtime and maintenance is reduced.

“At Kasco we pride ourselves in helping customers solve their water quality challenges with practical, high performing solutions,” said Kasco’s Chief Operating Officer, Trevor Johnson. “After hearing numerous operators and service providers share their headaches caused by inconvenient clogging, followed by expensive mitigations, we felt we could provide an affordable and convenient solution. The feedback from our installers and end users has been extremely positive – our new HydraForce Lift Station Agitator get the job done at a great value.”

These systems are easy to install and operate, save municipalities on pumping and maintenance costs, and extend the life cycle of pumps and other equipment. Systems are offered with up to 3 diffuser assemblies, a 1/4HP or 1/2HP compressor, and with 50 ft. of 3/8 in. tubing. Call Kasco to learn more about the HydraForce Lift Station Diffuser.

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