AquatiClear Circulators

With it's clog-resistant design, AquatiClear creates a continuous flow of water that clears away anything floating nearby. Weeds, sticks, and plastic bags won't get tangled on the unit, and won't settle on your shoreline. Spend less time unclogging your circulator and more time enjoying your waterfront.

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Simply Clean Shorelines

AquatiClear™ by Kasco is a clog-resistant circulator that keeps water near docks, canals, boathouses, and shorelines free of floating debris and foul odors.

Utilizing a prop guard with smooth, rounded tines, debris is allowed to slip through instead of collecting on the unit and clogging. This means less time cleaning the unit and more time loving life on the water.

  • Easy to order and install
  • Several mounting options
  • Direct flow of water to specific areas
  • 2-year warranty

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