Soluciones de mezcla de tanques


Mixing can be an all-encompassing category for both biological processes in ponds, lakes, and sea water or in chemical or industrial processes in tanks, towers, and treatment facilities.

The key to proper mixing is understanding the problem and finding the correct product to solve the problem.

Kasco De-RCEas used mainly on Dock Mounts or Industrial Dock Mounts are great for addressing proper mixing of tanks, towers and vats. Depth is always a factor in proper mixing with a De-Icer. In shallow vats of 10′ or so, they can often be mounted at or near the bottom. In larger towers with 40-50′ of overall depth, the De-Icers are often mounted no more than 20′ below high water, but making sure they will remain submerged during low water times.

Robust-Aire Diffusers are perfect for mixing and aerating both tanks and natural ponds and lakes. The large volume of mixture and system adaptation make these products a great tool for mixing and circulating large volumes of water or other liquids. They are nearly always positioned directly on the bottom of the tank, tower, vat, or lake to create upward flow. The maximum depth is about 50′ with the DP systems. In some applications, the base can be removed and just the diffuser tubing is suspended within the water column. This is mainly used in fish culture applications with net pens in deep, open ocean farming.