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Matt Frey holds a BA University of WI River Falls and has been a technician and sales representative at Kasco Marine for more than 10 years. Nicknamed the ?Fish Slayer? by those who know him well. Nicknamed the ?problem solver? by customers. If fish can be caught, he will do it. The Boundary Waters of Northern MN and Canada are his favorite places to get back to nature.

Winter Maintenance of your Fountain and Aerator

February 5, 2019

Your fountain or aerator should be pulled from your pond long before it freezes. Here’s why it’s so important and some of our best winter maintenance tips!

Diffuser Placement Recommendations

October 22, 2018

Remember where your diffusers are placed as the seasons change. Summer placement can be very different than winter placement. Read more to find out why.

Rengör luftkompressor filtret

12 november 2017

Vidta åtgärder för att hålla din luftkompressor filter ren kommer att hjälpa din Teich-Aire ™ luftkompressor som kör hela säsongen lång. Läs vår blogg för att läsa mer.

Djupare diffusorer presterar bättre

3 november, 2017

Som en allmän regel, ju djupare dina diffusorer placeras i ditt vatten desto bättre. Detta gör att systemet att flytta mer vatten och öka syret införs.

120 v eller 240V, vilket är bättre?

17 maj, 2017

Are our 120V or 240V units cheaper to run? Which are more efficient? We’re often asked these questions, and the answers may surprise you.